Seeking Sister Wife: Did Ashley Snowden cryptically respond to GoFundMe for Christeline Petersen?

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
After her ex organized a GoFundMe for Christeline Petersen, did Ashley respond with a metaphor? Pic credit: TLC

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden’s ex-sister wives banded together to organize a GoFundMe for Christeline Petersen over the weekend, and it seems like Ashley responded with another cryptic message.

Over the weekend, actress Ariadne Joseph, who previously lived with the Snowdens for nine months while in a polygamous relationship, announced that she jumpstarted a GoFundMe for Christeline, along with Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton.

Ariadne revealed that Christeline was remaining in hiding until she got enough resources to return to her home in South Africa. According to Ariadne’s post, Christeline and her two daughters are in “dire need of clothing and other essential and supplies.”

Ashley Snowden hasn’t directly spoken about the abuse allegations, but has shared several posts alluding to the scandal

Just two hours after Ariadne shared her post on Instagram, Ashley shared a post of her own and limited the comments.

Ashley’s post included a picture of herself and two of her children standing at the edge of a mountain and she gave photo credit to her daughter, Nenúfar, or Nenú for short.

She captioned her post, “In a culture built around habitually reacting, it is an act of liberation to train the mind + body to pause, then respond.” Dr. Nicole Lepera @the.holistic.psychologist. “Nature is the great equalizer.”

“I’m forever in awe of the example that is set by the wild. I honor just how knowing every aspect of nature is, from the way the plants grow, the animals navigate, and the planets turn. And the trees! Whew!”

Was Ashley comparing herself to trees?

“Observing the response to the various threats against them. Unbending, yet flexible, knowing just when to break, but not a moment before: in their time. Want to understand how to be present in every moment? Look to the trees.”

“Their strength, perseverance, deliberation; their shelter, shade, and gift of oxygen… despite the winds of change or the constant threat of being burned. ? ???”

Earlier this month, Ashley shared some posts that seemed to be cryptically aimed at the abuse scandal brought on by Christeline earlier this year after filing for restraining orders against both Dimitri and Ashley.

Ashley also revealed this month that she suffered a miscarriage and told followers that she’s “protected” amid the allegations brought against herself and her husband.

Ashley’s husband, Dimitri, has yet to acknowledge the abuse claims

Dimitri has yet to speak out regarding the allegations, and Ashley has only spoken in vague terms, but did acknowledge her day in court with Christeline, when a judge dissolved the protective orders.

With Ariadne giving several telling interviews where she detailed her abuse at the hands of Dimitri, it seems the Snowdens’ other exes, Tayler and Vanessa, are feeling more comfortable coming forward in support of Christeline.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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