Is Ashley Snowden leaving Dimitri? Seeking Sister Wife star posts about ‘starting over’ during ‘difficult times’

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
Ashley Snowden shared a cryptic post about starting anew that has left fans wondering if she’s leaving Dimitri. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife shared a cryptic post about starting over during “difficult times” — and it has fans wondering if she’s leaving her husband, Dimitri, amid the couple’s abuse allegations.

Last month, it emerged that the couple’s third wife Christeline Petersen, who the Snowdens call “Chrissy”, alleged domestic abuse and filed for protective orders against both Dimitri and Ashley Snowden in January.

Chrissy alleged that Dimitri was physically, sexually and verbally abusive, and detailed how he allegedly banged her head into a bed headboard and choked her during sex. She also claimed that Ashley was verbally abusive and prevented her from leaving the home they shared.

A judge later dissolved the temporary restraining orders and the case was tossed. However, several of the Snowdens’ exes have been speaking out in support of Chrissy‘s claims.

Then, yesterday, fans were left speculating after Ashley shared a post that included two black-and-white selfies of herself, wearing a headband across her forehead and looking upward, then straight at the camera.

Ashley’s post talked about starting over during ‘difficult times’

She captioned her post, “What if you could start over? Start anew with a fresh perspective, fresh energy, and and open heart ?”

“Fortunately for us, we can. Every day is a chance to start over, if only we treated each one like a new beginning.”

“Having this mindset as a daily practice may take work in the beginning, but it’s very possible. If that’s not where you are yet, consider using New Moons as your reset.”

Ashley mentioned seeing ‘ourselves as worthy’

“The new energy we get to ride, the intentions we set, and the revelations that begin to emerge; it can feel like a rebirth, if only we could see ourselves as worthy,” she added.

“Happy New Moon in Taurus ♉️ May you all know your worth, and use each day and each New Moon as a fresh reset. Leaving behind the weight of the world. Leaving behind small thoughts of yourself.”

“Knowing that you are here for a reason! Living during these often difficult times, we need a reminder now and again that starting over is possible!”

In the comments, Ashley agreed with a comment that stated ‘Starting over IS possible!’

In the comments section, which have been limited, one of Ashley’s followers wrote, “Starting over IS possible! ?????? and it’s not as scary as we fear! ☺️#beenThere

Ashley tagged the commenter and simply replied, “???”

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
In the comments, Ashley replied to a follower who said, “Starting over IS possible!” Pic credit: @ashleyksnowden/Instagram

Interestingly, Ashley’s post was shared the same day that news broke that Dimitri filed for divorce from Christeline. Many fans of the show weren’t aware that Dimitri and Chrissy were married.

Dimitri and Ashley claimed in Season 1 of Seeking Sister Wife that they didn’t legally wed, to avoid any jealousy over the title of legal wife for future sister wives.

Most speculate that in order to keep Chrissy in the United States, they obtained a K1 spousal visa, which would have given them 90 days to marry before Chrissy would have had to return to her home in South Africa.

Earlier this week, Ashley revealed that she recently suffered a miscarriage, but didn’t give a reference of time.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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