Rhylee Gerber teases Below Deck Down Under stint, reacts to Eddie Lucas pay remarks

Below Deck alum Rhylee Gerber spills some tea.
Rhylee has some thoughts on hot button Below Deck topics. Pic credit: Bravo

Rhylee Gerber has teased a Below Deck Down Under stint and reacted to the recent comments Eddie Lucas made about the Below Deck pay.

The fiery red-head was introduced to fans on Season 6 of the OG show. Rhylee returned for Season 7 to replace Abbi Murphy.

Below Deck fans have had mixed feelings about Rhylee since she appeared on the show. However, she makes no apologies for who she is or what she says.

Recently Rhylee shared a message to those telling her how to deal with the haters. The yachtie has taken on more than one troll since her reality TV stint.

It’s been two years since Rhylee was on Below Deck, but she has spilled some tea about a possible return to the franchise.

Is Rhylee making a return to the hit-yachting franchise? The answer just might surprise Below Deck fans.

Rhylee Gerber teases Below Deck Down Under stint

This week, Rhylee stopped by the Pop-Off! Podcast with James Pike to spill some tea. Rhylee dropped the bomb that she was nearly on Below Deck Down Under Season 2 during their chat.

“I haven’t seen Below Deck Down Under, but I was almost a replacement this season. I was actually flying out to Hawaii, so it was just a couple of months ago. And it was so funny because I got texts from two producers, and they were like, ‘would you be down,’ she expressed.

Rhylee was more than willing to hang with hunky Captain Jason Chambers. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out because Rhylee had other project commitments.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under won’t feature Rhylee. That doesn’t mean she won’t pop up on one of the Below Deck spin-offs, though.

What does Rhylee Gerber think of Eddie Lucas’ Below Deck pay remarks?

In May, Eddie Lucas spilled he wasn’t asked back for Below Deck Season 10. Eddie revealed Below Deck cast members are paid significantly less than the Real Housewives ladies.

Rhylee addressed the comments on the podcast. She made it clear she didn’t know what Eddie’s direct quotes were because not everything that’s written is accurate, including off-the-wall stuff about her.

“If he said that, number one, we are paid much much much much much less than the housewives, which is crazy because it’s Bravo. It’s still a big network. There’s still a big production company behind it. They’ve got the money,” the yachtie stated.

Despite admitting the pay is less, Rhylee expressed she understands that Below Deck is a rotating cast and the housewives are not rotated as much.

Therefore, it makes sense why the cast members who are continuously on a show would want more money. Rhylee admitted she asked for more money when she returned for Below Deck Season 7.

Rhylee Gerber has gained a lot from Below Deck, and she has no regrets about doing the show. Even the haters won’t bring her down.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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