Below Deck alum Rhylee Gerber shares message to fans telling her to ignore haters amid latest death threat

Rhylee Gerber opens up about a recent death threat.
Rhylee’s last stint on Below Deck was nearly three years ago but the trolls are still attacking her. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Rhylee Gerber has a message for fans telling her to ignore the online haters after her latest death threat.

Rhylee was a deckhand on Below Deck Season 6, then returned for part of Season 7 when Abbi Murphy quit. The fiery redhead brought some drama, ruffling a few feathers along the way. Despite the toxic male environment, she was named the villain, especially during Season 7, dealing with the bro crew.

Since leaving Below Deck, Rhylee has been living her best life in the outdoors, working on boats, and enjoying all the things nature has to offer. However, she continues to deal with the haters and trolls, including a death threat prompting her to take action.

Rhylee Gerber shares message to Below Deck fans telling her to ignore haters

Earlier today, Rhylee took to Instagram to get something off her chest. She shared several videos to an Instagram post opening up about the hate she continues to receive. Rhylee has no problem clapping back at trolls but also feels there needs to be accountability for these haters.

Before explaining why she puts the trolls on blast, Rhylee took a moment to give thanks and credit to all her supporters. She also admitted she receives more positivity than negativity on social media.

Rhylee then addressed those who say she should simply ignore the hate.

“To those that tell me to ignore the messages/haters, understand that does NO ONE any good. Hold people accountable! Stand up for what’s right! In todays world especially, that’s quite literally the only hope we’ve got,” she expressed in her part of her caption on the Instagram Post with the videos.

The yachtie hopes to alleviate some of the bombardment of not only the death threats and horrific messages but also those telling her to ignore them. She explained the importance of holding people accountable.

“My intent on “blasting” the people that choose hate within my stories, is to hold some level of accountability in their own piss poor behavior. To me, a death threat is only alarming should you be directly in my face wishing violence on me. To others, it could mean years of therapy or even the contemplation of the meaning behind your words, God forbid,” Rhylee wrote.

Below Deck’s Rhylee shares death threat

The death threat Rhylee received was shared via her Instagram Stories. Rhylee revealed the male’s social media profile while spilling she had received multiple voice calls and texts from this guy. The man left Rhylee a voice message saying, “get cancer and die.”

Rhylee further shared that her Below Deck Season 7 costar Courtney Skippon also received vile messages from this man. In an effort to hold the troll accountable, Rhylee has contacted his employer, who was also tagged in her Instagram Story.

The deckhand encouraged those who showed her support to report him and even bombard his DMs.

Rhylee Gerber IG Story death threat.
Pic credit: @thelifeofrhylee/Instagram

There’s no question Rhylee Gerber can hold her own regarding negativity and hate. However, the Below Deck starlet wants people to be held accountable for their actions, and that’s why she put her latest death threat out there. She would also like it if people would stop telling her to ignore the trolls, revealing what that is triggering.

What do you think of Rhylee’s message?

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 year ago

She is not my favorite, but threatening someone’s life is ridiculous. I support her in her defense.