RHONJ: Teresa Giudice shares the real reason why Melissa Gorga’s mom was not invited to her wedding

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice close-up
Teresa Giudice explains why Melissa Gorga’s family was excluded from her wedding. Pic credit: Bravo

There’s a lot of drama going down in New Jersey, and not surprisingly, Teresa Giudice is smack dab in the middle.

The OG found herself in hot water for not sending Melissa Gorga’s family — specifically her mom — an invitation to her wedding. While some viewers didn’t understand why that was such a point of contention, apparently, in an Italian household, that is, in fact, a big deal.

However, Teresa recently dished on the offense and explained why Melissa’s mom, Donna Marco, did not snag an invite to the lavish August 2022 nuptials.

Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, were offended that the OG did not extend an invite to Donna, who was quite close to Teresa’s dad, and the other Housewives felt she was slighted as well.

But according to Teresa, there’s a simple reason why Donna was left off the invite list.

“The reason I didn’t invite Donna Marco, I’m not that close with them,” admitted the mom of four during her appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show. “Like, I’m not close with Melissa, so I’m not really close with the family.”

Teresa Giudice says Melissa Gorga’s family bashed her online

The OG had a bit more to say about her rocky relationship with Melissa’s family, and it stems back over a decade.

Melissa and Joe were feuding with Teresa even before the show, and when the couple joined the franchise, things only got worse.

However, Teresa has not forgotten the things that Melissa’s family said about her on social media, and she cited that as the reason why she doesn’t have a close relationship with them.

“When Melissa came on the show, her family was writing stuff about me on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, and they were trashing me,” said Teresa. “So I always kept them an arm’s length away.”

Meanwhile, the RHONJ editors were hard at work when Teresa mentioned Melissa’s family bashing her online, and they found some tweets that stem as far back as 2012.

One tweet written by Melissa’s sister, Lysa Simpson, read, “Here’s how you know Teresa is lying; she’s talking.”

The RHONJ cast speaks on the wedding invitation snub

The RHONJ cast also gave their take on Melissa’s family being excluded from the wedding, and many felt that Teresa was in the wrong.

“What did Melissa’s mom do? She’s as sweet as sugar. Like, what could she possibly have done? “questioned newbie Rachel Fuda while dishing about the invitation snub.

Melissa had an answer to that, responding, “What she did was birth me,” during the joint chat with Rachel.

Jackie Goldschneider also opined that Teresa’s decision to exclude Donna Marco was “meant to be a slap in the face.”

Melissa had more to say about the topic, noting that the decision made by Teresa was a line in the sand.

You can check out the full interview below, as the RHONJ cast shares their opinions on the wedding invitation snub.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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1 month ago

Teresa should NOT be on any show at least until she graduates from Grade 6 – I have a 1 year old great granddaughter whose vocabulary is better than hers – Teresa has no manners whatsoever and if anybody thinks this marriage to Louis is gonna work out – forget it….this was done, in my opinion, because the ratings were dropping and Louis wanted to get on there and get some $ – cuz nothing’s worse apparently than actually having a real job.