RHONJ cast comments on Joe and Melissa Gorga’s marriage issues

Melissa and Joe Gorga.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast decided to weigh in on Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marriage drama as it plays out in the current Season 11 Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple Melissa and Joe Gorga are navigating a new sort of drama in Season 11.

RHONJ fans are used to watching the couple battle it out with family members, often engaging in conflicts with Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice.

But this season, they have added an additional layer of complexity to the mix as their marriage woes and ongoing tension are currently playing out on the show.

During a recent segment on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, the cast discussed the current struggles that Melissa and Joe are facing, and gave some of their own advice on how to handle them.

Melissa feels guilty for chasing her dreams

The segment dove right into the drama with the interviewer asking, “Do you think Melissa feels guilty for being so busy all the time in some ways?”

“She feels like she’s being held back cuz she, she wants to do it but she can’t enjoy it because he’s giving her a hard time about it [and] she feels like it’s wrong,” Dolores explained.

According to Melissa, things have drastically shifted in their life together, and it has greatly impacted how Melissa handles different opportunities as they’ve arisen.

“I think for the last year I’ve been feeling guilty,” Melissa confessed. “I’ve actually questioned some of my success. Like, when I was at events, I would say to myself, ‘Do I really need to be at this event?’ I started to second guess myself. But I’m like, ‘This isn’t’ fair.'”

She continued to share that Joe didn’t feel the same levels of guilt when he worked long hours away from the family, but it’s hard to grant herself the same level of grace.

“You know, he would leave the house [at] six in the morning, get home [at] eight o’clock at night. And I was just home waiting for him. He didn’t feel that way,” she said.

Melissa also admitted that she didn’t want to look back on her life and have regrets when she’s older. She doesn’t want to pass up on the opportunities that “that platform” has afforded her.

Margaret Josephs doesn’t believe Melissa should hold onto the guilt she feels, other RHONJ housewives weigh in

“I think she’s made to feel guilty. I told her she should not have guilt,” said Margaret Josephs. “It’s okay, you know, to do things for yourself if it makes you a better mother, a better wife, when you feel fulfilled.”

Margaret continued, “And if you feel you’re depriving yourself of things that you want, for yourself, and not taking care of yourself, then resentment happens and you don’t want to get resentful. Cuz then things really go down the tubes rapido.”

Co-star Jackie Goldschneider also shared her two cents.

“I’m very big on seeing women achieve their dreams. So, for me it’s just like there’s just no, there’s nowhere to meet in the middle, on something like that. They have to grow together. So, I’m fully here for you Melissa! I’m fully on team Melissa with this one,” she exclaimed.

Melissa carried on to share that she believes in following her dreams and that mothers shouldn’t be any more worried about the wellbeing of the kids than the fathers but also admits that she didn’t always think that way.

“But the truth is I didn’t used to believe that,” she said. “And I…I didn’t start my marriage that way. So to try and switch things up halfway through is not easy.”

Dolores Catania thinks Melissa and Joe should be at a point where they enjoy their lives and their marriage and not focus on the petty drama.

“But she should be able to enjoy it,” Dolores added. “I want them to enjoy it. They’re at a point in their life now, they have beautiful kids, they’ve raised them well. They’re successful, well off, they can live such [an] amazing life. This is unnecessary stress for them.”

“I wanna say, this is such bulls**t and nonsense. Enjoy it. Embrace your life. Neither one of you are going anywhere. So just be comfortable. Stop acting like two little f**king babies,” Dolores concluded.

With opinions like this, Melissa and Joe have plenty of support to turn to when they’re feeling disconnected and need a reminder of just how fortunate they are to have one another.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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