Peter Weber golfs with Caitlyn Jenner: Former Kardashian star hints she won over The Bachelor star

Peter Weber
Peter Weber went golfing with another reality star. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is keeping busy during his time in California.

Peter and his girlfriend Kelley Flanagan announced a new travel video venture and appeared on an episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! for an interview.

Peter has also been spending some time on the golf course, and this week, he had a famous friend join him.

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Peter Weber golfs with former Kardashian star

Yesterday, a photo surfaced of Peter playing golf with none other than Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner shared the photo of herself with Peter’s father, Peter Weber Sr., and Peter’s brother, Jack.

They were all smiles as Jenner held up a one-dollar bill that she apparently won in a bet with the Webers.

Peter and Caitlyn
Peter Weber, his brother, and his father went golfing with Caitlyn Jenner. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

“Fun day of golf with the Weber’s. Wisdom and maturity won over youth and enthusiasm,” Jenner wrote on her post, hinting that she may have teamed up with Peter’s father to beat Peter and Jack.

Instagram account @bachelorteaspill commented on the unlikely group, saying, “didn’t have this happening on my 2020 bingo card.”

It’s an unusual event for an unprecedented time.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan appear to be in California

Peter and Kelley appear to be in California at the moment. They continue to grow their relationship and post about it online.

Earlier this summer,  the couple sparked controversy by repeatedly traveling across the country in defiance of stay at home orders. Although many fans are happy that Peter and Kelley are so happy together, their lack of self-awareness continues to plague them.

Peter again angered fans by flaunting his privileged lifestyle amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

He then posted a photo of himself smoking a cigar shortly after the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests for racial justice. It was a pretty tone-deaf move, and Peter was criticized harshly for it.

Peter did make one post supporting Black Lives Matter, but hasn’t acknowledged the worsening pandemic. Instead, his recent posts have been all about how happy he’s been with Kelley.

“Peter…people are dying,” a fan commented on one of his recent tone-deaf posts.

But it seems Peter hasn’t learned much from his past mistakes. His continued inability to read the room will likely continue, and fans are sure to call him out for it.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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