Peter Weber rubs Kelley’s arm ‘aggressively’ in new clip and Barbara is still hated in the Bachelor world

Chris Harrison talking to Peter and Kelley
Chris Harrison talking to Peter and Kelley throughout last night’s Bachelor episode. Pic credit: ABC

Last night’s three-hour Bachelor was quite the event; fans were able to relive their favorite moments from Sean Lowe’s season back in 2013.

The special featured a handful of special guests, including former contestants on Sean’s season. Host Chris Harrison also had a visit from Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan, who recently stirred up lots of internet controversy when they made their relationship public.

During their interview, Peter gushed about the new relationship, saying that the two were very happy as he held Kelley tightly.

However, Peter’s tight embrace of Kelley seemed to rub some viewers the wrong way.

Peter Weber holds Kelley during their interview

When Peter hopped on for his interview with Chris, the two joked about how close they live to one another. Apparently, they’re just down the street, but they made sure to practice good social distancing by talking online.

A minute or so into the interview, Peter brought Kelley on to discuss their lives with Chris. Throughout the interview, Peter would grab and pull Kelley closer, which some fans said seemed a bit forced.

Peter and Kelley
Peter and Kelley were at his parents’ house during the interview. Pic credit: ABC

Although Kelley didn’t say anything, fans were quick to comment on the behavior.

“Why is he rubbing her arm so aggressively?” one viewer questioned on Instagram, before adding “I love Kelley so I hope it works for them.”

“Damn he’s about to rub her arm off,” wrote another. One person replied, “He’s excited I guess ?.”

Later on in the interview, Peter’s mom Barbara joined, and viewers had plenty to say on her, too.

“I really like Kelly but I don’t know that I would want to get involved with him,” said one fan. “He’s so indecisive. His mom is very involved. And I feel like he picked the girl who was willing to take him back. But to each their own. Hope it works out. On a side note I hate how much he is rubbing Kelley’s arm. Super distracting.”

Barbara got her way when Peter’s relationship with Madison Prewett ended. She stated in the interview that she loves Kelley, but fans aren’t convinced she’d make a good mother-in-law.

“Barb is still the Mother-in-law from hell,” one follower chimed in on Instagram.

“She’ll find out the hard way,” another fan warned about Kelley seeing Barbara’s true colors.

Peter Weber angered people during the pandemic

Peter previously stirred up controversy by taking Kelley along for a trip to Los Angeles, a non-essential trip during the pandemic.

Peter works as a pilot for Delta, so he is an essential worker and needs to travel. But Kelley didn’t seem to have a good reason to go on the trip, which angered fans. The state of Illinois, where Kelley lives, was under a stay-at-home order at the time.

Just days later, Peter shared a photo of the two on a boat, writing that he had seven months left of the year to make it the best ever with Kelley. At the time, people slammed him for flaunting his lifestyle and using his status to break the rules put in place to protect everyone from COVID-19.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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