Peter Weber smokes cigar in a golf cart days after fans slam him for showing his privilege

Peter Weber
Peter Weber smokes a cigar in a new video. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has been called one of the worst Bachelor stars in the history of the franchise.

He was very indecisive on his season of the show, bringing back women he had previously told goodbye. Peter kept changing his mind, and he continued to try to please everyone but himself.

After a failed engagement and two public breakups with the final two women, Peter has found himself in a happy relationship with Kelley Flanagan, who was sent home right before hometown dates.

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But just because The Bachelor is over doesn’t mean that the criticism of Peter is slowing down. But he doesn’t seem to care one bit.

Peter Weber smokes a cigar on a golf course

Yesterday, Peter and Kelley decided to play golf. He shared their fun on Instagram Stories, showing himself smoking a cigar as he waited for Kelley to finish her turn.

He doesn’t say anything in the video. Instead, he smokes his cigar and then turns the camera onto Kelley.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber smokes a cigar on Instagram. Pic credit: @pilot_pete

She doesn’t say anything to the camera but instead focuses on her golfing skills. The video shows them playing golf and Peter smoking a cigar without a care in the world.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is golfing with Kelley. Pic credit: @pilot_pete

Peter Weber was recently criticized for flaunting his lifestyle

The video is innocent on its own. However, it was only a few days ago that some fans criticized Peter for showing off his privilege on social media.

With COVID-19, people all over the world dying, and the racial war going on in the country at the moment, fans were furious with him for showing off his privileged life, where he didn’t have to deal with any of it.

Peter shared a photo of himself on a boat with Kelley. His caption stated that he still had seven months left out of 2020 to make it the best year ever. His followers called him out on not being in touch with what is going on in the world.

It was on Monday that Peter and Kelley shared the news that they were dating as they joined Chris Harrison on The Bachelor special that was re-running Sean Lowe’s season.

During the interview, Peter appeared very happy and was grabbing Kelley’s arm in excitement. He seemed very happy as he filmed the segment at his parents’ house in California.

But fans pointed out that his happiness almost appeared a little aggressive, asking why he felt he had to hold her so tight and rub her arm.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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