Parvati’s husband, Tyson’s wife appear on Survivor loved ones episode

Tyson And Wife
Tyson Apostol got to spend time with his wife, Rachel Foulger, and their daughter on Survivor 40. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The latest Survivor: Winners at War episode brought out loved ones — including Parvati’s husband and Tyson’s wife — as the show took a moment for the cast to see people from home.

There was a lot of touching moments during the episode, including after Tyson Apostol got voted off Survivor (again) at Tribal Council.

Once the voting finished, the members of the jury all went over and hugged host Jeff Probst, thanking him for bringing back their family members for the big event.

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Earlier in the episode, a boat arrived at Extinction Island, but it did so in a way that the people at the Edge of Extinction couldn’t see who was on the boat.

When the boat turned around to let people off, it was revealed that loved ones of the people who had been sent to Extinction Island had been flown in to visit.

Parvati’s husband was one of the people who came off the boat, and they were able to enjoy a few moments together on Extinction Island.

Rob and Amber Mariano also got to see their kids, who have all been born since the first time that the couple appeared on the show — many years ago.

Parvati’s husband on Survivor

Parvati Shallow is married to John Fincher, who was a contestant on Survivor: Samoa. They got married in 2017, had a daughter in 2018, and then Parvati was invited to join the Survivor: Winners at War cast for filming in 2019.

The lovely couple is still together as Parvati tries to find a way to return from Extinction Island and get back in the game. Could Fire Tokens be a key to that goal?

The image below shares a scene from Parvati, John, and their daughter from the April 15 episode:

Tyson’s wife on Survivor

Tyson Apostol is married to Rachel Foulger, who actually appeared with Tyson on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 2. It went so well that during the season finale of the show Tyson proposed to Rachel, and she accepted.

The couple got married in 2015 and is still going strong. That should have been obvious to all viewers when Tyson’s wife appeared on the Survivor loved ones episode.

Tyson and Rachel also have two children, with one of them making an entrance that drove Tyson to tears on the latest episode of the show.

Below is a great photo that Tyson shared to Instagram of the moment he was able to embrace his wife and daughter on Survivor: Winners at War.

The season now rolls on, with an updated Survivor schedule released by CBS to keep fans updated on what comes next. That includes a bonus two-hour episode and a newly formatted Reunion Show that will air in May.

The producers made a great move by bringing back the loved ones of all remaining Survivor: Winners at War cast members for this special episode, and it is a moment that they will all cherish for years to come.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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