Survivor recap: Loved ones arrive after wild Tribal Council

Jeremy With Family
Jeremy Collins was joined by his loved ones on Survivor 40, Episode 10. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new Survivor recap comes from the April 15 episode of the show. This served as Season 40, Episode 10 of the Winners at War season, and the 12th person was about to be sent to the Edge of Extinction.

In the last episode, a lot of chaos took place at Tribal Council, with Adam Klein as the person voted off the show. Before he went, though, he tried to play what he thought was an Idol attached to host Jeff Probst’s podium.

It was not an Idol, and Adam was sent to Extinction Island.

Only 10 members of the Winners at War cast remained in the game as the new episode began. But this episode had a huge surprise waiting for them, as the next challenge revealed that their loved ones had arrived.

Survivor recap for Season 40, Episode 10

They jumped right into things, with the final 10 people arriving at a challenge, only to quickly discover that their loved ones were waiting for them.

A moment was spent with each of the cast members getting to enjoy a moment with their families. It was definitely an emotional segment to start off the night.

The great news for everyone was that there wasn’t actually going to be a challenge. Jeff let them all know that everyone was going to head back to camp and that all of the final 10 castaways would get to spend more time with their loved ones.

Edge of Extinction surprise

A secretive boat arrived at Extinction Island, and it was revealed to have the families of the eliminated players on it. It was a great moment for these cast members as well as the viewers, especially with how rough it has been for the people living at the Edge of Extinction.

Immunity Challenge

At the challenge, Jeff told everyone that the winner would receive Individual Immunity and two Fire Tokens.

An obstacle course with a puzzle to finish it off was waiting for these competitors.

Tony Vlachos was really good at it, and he won himself the Individual Immunity. Tony was pretty excited to also get the two Fire Tokens, and everyone else was told that they would be at risk of elimination at Tribal Council.

Survivor: Winners at War Tribal Council No. 12

In the segment before the Tribal Council took place, everyone who had an advantage started sharing with other people in the merged tribe that they had one. That included the Safety Without Power, the Steal a Vote, and the Hidden Immunity Idols.

A lot of commotion took place at Tribal Council, but right before the vote, Jeremy Collins played his advantage to remain safe, and he left to head back to camp.

Sarah Lacina then stole the vote from Denise Stapley, setting up a really complicated vote that Jeff had to read.

Kim Spradlin played her Idol to protect Denise.

Jeff read off the votes: Denise, Denise, Sophie, Sophie, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, and Tyson.

Tyson Apostol was voted out again and sent back to EOE.

That’s it for the Survivor Season 40, Episode 10 recap, but the updated schedule continues with a new episode next week.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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