Survivor: Winners at War recap: Time to go to war for Season 40 cast

Survivor Recap 9
Tyson Apostol, Jeremy Collins, Anthony (Tony) Vlachos, Nick Wilson, and Sophie Georgina Clarke on Survivor Season 40, Episode 9. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor: Winners at War recap for tonight comes from Season 40, Episode 9, that aired on CBS on April 8.

A lot happened during the last episode, including the merge of the three tribes. That also indicated that it was time for someone to return from the Edge of Extinction.

Tyson Apostol won the EOE Challenge, making him the 12th member of the merged tribe. They all battled for Individual Immunity, and then Jeff Probst hosted a Tribal Council in front of the starting-to-form jury.

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Wendell Holland was the one voted off the island, leaving just 11 people competing for the $2 million prize. There were also a lot of changes within the Survivor Fire Tokens list ahead of this new episode.

Survivor Season 40, Episode 9 recap

The April 8 episode began back at Koru, with Michele Fitzgerald and Nick Wilson unsure of what had just happened. They were kept in the dark about the vote, and Nick told the camera that he was out for revenge.

Meanwhile, Adam Klein thought that he knew where he might find a Hidden Immunity Idol.

At Edge of Extinction, the women were doing some yoga on the beach as Yul Kwon retrieved some mail for the group. Everyone got a clue of how history might be repeating itself, so they hiked to the top of the mountain to try to figure it all out.

Parvati Shallow and Danni Boatwright found a 50/50 Coin that could be flipped at Tribal Council to gain safety. They decided to tell everyone else on EOE about it. They were allowed to sell it to anyone still in the game at any price. The idea was to offer it up to Michele.

Reward Challenge

Two teams of five had to participate in an obstacle course, and the reward was Chinese takeout back at camp. Jeff told them that “war is not pretty” and that one person would have to sit out.

Jeremy Collins and Kim Spradlin were the team captains. Denise Stapley had to take a seat.

The red team was Tyson, Adam, Tony, Nick, and Jeremy.

Kim, Sarah, Ben, Sophie, and Michele made up the blue team.

It was Ben, Kim, Michele, Sarah, and Sophie, who won the Chinese food. Sarah then gave her spot in the reward to Nick, letting him enjoy the feast.

Michele gets offered 50/50 Coin

When offered the chance, Michele paid four Fire Tokens to purchase the 50/50 Coin. She thought it was worth the chance to gain safety at a future Tribal Council.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Individual Immunity was back up for grabs as the contestants had to stand upon a perch out in the water.

Michele was the first one out. Denise fell second. Then, in order, Tyson, Jeremy, Tony, Adam, Sophie, and Nick fell out to leave just three. Sarah then fell. It was Ben vs. Kim for immunity.

When Ben fell, Kim Spradlin won Individual Immunity and another Fire Token.

Top 10 Survivor Tribal Council

There were discussions before the 11 people went to Tribal Council. Then, it turned into absolute chaos, with quite a few names getting tossed around, and viewers left unclear about what was happening.

Jeff read the votes as Sarah, Adam, Nick, Adam, Nick, Adam, Adam, Adam, and Adam.

Adam Klein was the 11th person voted out. He may be taking a lot of negative feelings with him to the Edge of Extinction, and Rob Mariano (as a member of the jury) joked about it.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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