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Survivor Fire Tokens: Who holds them ahead of new episode?

S40 Ep9 Photo
Denise Stapley, Adam Klein, and Tony Vlachos during Survivor Season 40, Episode 9. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor Fire Tokens came into play during the last episode, even though it didn’t end up impacting the game yet.

Rob Mariano and Natalie Anderson used Fire Tokens they acquired on Extinction Island to secure Individual Immunity Idols. However, neither won the challenge to return to the game.

Instead, it was Tyson Apostol — who had used a Fire Token to buy peanut butter — who won the Edge of Extinction Challenge. He is now back in the game, with a good shot to win the $2 million prize.

Now, with Survivor Season 40, Episode 9, scheduled to air on April 8, our Fire Tokens tally has to be updated to reflect who spent their island currency already.

Survivor Fire Tokens tally

Below is the list of each remaining member of the Survivor Season 40 cast and how many Fire Tokens they have left in their possession:

Michele Fitzgerald: 4
Nick Wilson: 3
Sophie Clarke: 2
Denise Stapley: 2
Jeremy Collins: 2
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: 1
Tony Vlachos: 1
Adam Klein: 1
Ben Driebergen: 1
Sarah Lacina: 1
Danni Boatwright: 0
Ethan Zohn: 0
Tyson Apostol: 0
Yul Kwon: 0
Parvati Shallow: 0
Wendell Holland: 0
Natalie Anderson: 0
Amber Mariano: 0
Rob Mariano: 0
Sandra Diaz-Twine: NA

Where did the Survivor Fire Tokens go?

As a reminder, everyone that had a Fire Token at EOE used one to get an advantage in the Edge of Extinction Challenge.

It means that nobody left at EOE has one, and neither does Wendell Holland, who was the person voted out at Tribal Council.

When Wendell was voted out at Tribal Council, he willed one token each to Michele Fitzgerald and Nick Wilson.

They now have the most Fire Tokens in the game, with Michele basically getting back the one she had given to Wendell to show she trusted him.

At the start of the next episode, it will be interesting to see the new dynamics of the main tribe and among the people who decided to keep toughing it out at Extinction Island.

Will more Survivor Fire Tokens be found? Will people from the main tribe start combining their stashes to buy advantages?

There are now just 11 people left on the main tribe. Since the merge has already taken place, alliances are going to become even more important.

Will the Fire Tokens become a currency that they use to buy friends? Stay tuned, because things could get very interesting ahead of the next Tribal Council.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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