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Who voted for Wendell on Survivor? Surprise votes revealed

Wendell Voted Out
Wendell Holland was voted out on Survivor Season 40, Episode 8. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Wendell Holland was voted off Survivor this week in a move that may have shocked some of the viewers tuning in on Wednesday night.

It was a jam-packed episode, with the tribes merging, the Edge of Extinction Challenge taking place, and the first Individual Immunity necklaces handed out by host Jeff Probst.

At the end of the episode, though, it was time for the new 12-person tribe to send someone else to Extinction Island, and that person ended up being Wendell.

One of the questions following the episode was who voted for Wendell. The show hasn’t revealed all the votes at Tribal Council.

Who voted for Wendell on Survivor Season 40, Episode 8?

It might be easier to list who didn’t vote for Wendell. At Tribal Council, only Wendell, Nick Wilson, and Michele Fitzgerald voted for Adam Klein to leave the game.

This means that the people who voted for Wendell on Survivor were Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Adam Klein, Sarah Lacina, Ben Driebergen, Jeremy Collins, Sophie Clarke, and Tyson Apostol.

By a 9-3 vote, Wendell joined Rob Mariano, Amber Mariano, Yul Kwon, Parvati Shallow, Ethan Zohn, Danni Boatwright, and Natalie Anderson at the Edge of Extinction.

As a reminder, Sandra Diaz-Twine quit the show went she was sent to Extinction Island, as she felt that it wasn’t going to be an enjoyable experience.

She was probably right. Sandra also posted her thoughts about it all on social media.

As for Wendell, a video interview about his blindside elimination is shared below:

Survivor Season 40 needed two-hour episodes

We have noted it before, but it’s worth repeating.

CBS should have figured out a way to make the Season 40 episodes two hours long. There has been enough footage to make it work, and it feels like a lot of important information is getting cut by production during each episode.

A really specific example was a Reward Challenge that earned one of the tribes a pizza party. None of that challenge was shown when it took place, and it could have been a really interesting segment for an earlier episode.

Instead, it has left fans feeling that they missed out on a lot.

There also seems to be a lot of chats taking place between members of the Survivor: Winners at War cast that are just being glossed over at the expense of fitting an episode into one hour.

Had they decided to go with some two-hour specials this season — much like the season premiere — this season could have been so much better.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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