Sandra Diaz-Twine posts about why she quit Survivor: Winners at War cast

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Kim Spradlin, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Jeremy Collins on Survivor Season 40 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Sandra Diaz-Twine joined the Survivor: Winners at War cast as the only person who had ever won the show twice.

Someone else is going to win the show for a second time after Sandra decided to quit Survivor 40 during the latest episode of the show.

During Episode 7 of Winners at War, Sandra was shown arriving at the Edge of Extinction after getting blindsided at Tribal Council.

She noted to the other seven people already at EOE that this wasn’t for her. She didn’t want to wait around for the chance to compete in a competition to re-enter the game.

Sandra was then shown walking to the edge of the island — where she put up the white flag and brought her journey on Survivor 40 to an end.

Following her exit from the show, Sandra has taken to social media to post about her reasoning.

Why did Sandra quit Survivor 40?

The post below was one that Sandra put on her Twitter page following Season 40, Episode 7 on March 25:

She got right to the point and was very straightforward with her answer. She didn’t hide from the decision and it definitely appears like she would do it the same way if she was given the chance to do it all over again.

Sandra had been placed in a very difficult position. After someone gets voted out of the game, they can reside on Extinction Island until a competition takes place where one person gets to return. It meant she would have to beat the seven people already at EOE in a head-to-head competition. Not easy.

It also has to be taken into account that many people are already holding Fire Tokens at EOE, so they have a distinct advantage over the people who arrive later on. That may have been something Sandra also realized before she decided to raise that white flag.

Fans still support Sandra Diaz-Twine

There are a lot of fans who still support Sandra, despite her early exit from Survivor Season 40. Quite a few of them have been posting on social media about it as well.

Some of those fans are former Survivor cast members.

Survivor 40 rolls on

Next Wednesday on CBS, Survivor Season 40 continues, with the previews showing that the merge is about to take place. It will be very interesting to see who gets voted out next at Tribal Council.

For fans of Sandra Diaz-Twine, it’s possible that she is brought back for the Survivor: Winner at War Reunion Show that wraps up the season, but it’s unclear what CBS will do about filming it during the pandemic.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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Lisa Lester
Lisa Lester
3 years ago

I understand why she left and will miss her I wanted Sandra Rob and Parv to go to the end because there are the best players I now want Rob back in the game but I don’t know what’s gonna happen