Survivor: Winners at War recap: Drama at Edge of Extinction

S40 Ep7
A tense Immunity Challenge took place during Survivor 40, Episode 7. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor: Winners at War recap for Episode 7 comes from the March 25 installment on CBS.

During the last episode, Jeff Probst hosted two Tribal Councils. It led to the elimination of Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine in some drama-filled votes.

The episode started with Parvati and Sandra arriving on Extinction Island. Before two minutes of the episode had passed, Sandra self-evicted. She didn’t want to spend a lot of time on the island.

That shocking moment took the Winners at War cast down to just 19 people, with 12 in the game and seven living their lives at the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor 40, Episode 7 recap

Yul Kwon was the first person shown in the game, and he spoke with Wendell Holland about what had happened at Tribal Council.

Wendell had offered Parvati his vote in exchange for Fire Tokens, so the rest of his tribe was now suspicious about what he might do next. Michele Fitzgerald, who now had four Fire Tokens, tried and failed to speak with him.

Michele also gave Wendell a Fire Token to try to smooth things over. That didn’t worth either.

Edge of Extinction gets dramatic

Mail was given to the seven people left on Extinction Island, letting them know that four Fire Tokens were spread around the top of the island. The race was on, with the drama so intense, that the rice was even left cooking on the fire.

Rob Mariano found three Fire Tokens, and Tyson Apostol found the other one. While Tyson let everyone know he had one, Rob kept it a secret that he had found anything.

Immunity Challenge time

The three tribes had to perform a familiar obstacle course where they collected water at one end and had to take it to a well at the other end to release puzzle pieces. The first two tribes to finish would gain Immunity for the time being.

As a reminder, the tribes stood as follows:

Sele (blue) was Nick Wilson, Yul Kwon, Michele Fitzgerald, and Wendell Holland, Dakal (red) was Jeremy Collins, Denise Stapley, Tony Vlachos, and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, and Yara (green) was Ben Driebergen, Adam Klein, Sarah Lucina, and Sophie Clarke.

Yara won the challenge and Tribe Immunity. Dakal finished second to also get Tribe Immunity. Sele lost and would be heading to Tribal Council at the end of the episode.

Survivor 40, Episode 7 Tribal Council

Sele had to face host Jeff Probst and a stressful Tribal Council at the end of the episode. Nick Wilson, Yul Kwon, Michele Fitzgerald, or Wendell Holland would become the ninth person voted out this season.

When it came time for the votes, Jeff read them off as follows: Yul, Wendell, Yul, and Yul. #blindside

In a surprising turn of events, it was Yul Kwon who got sent to the Edge of Extinction. Sophie Clarke and Sarah Lucina each got one Fire Token from him.

The reasoning behind the vote was that Yul wanted to try to get Wendell’s Fire Tokens before the vote, and it led to Nick and Michele no longer trusting him.

On the next episode of the show, we are going to get to see the Survivor: Winner at War cast merging.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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