Survivor: Winners at War cast Fire Tokens update for Episode 7

EOE Ep 7
Danni Boatwright, Tyson Apostol, Boston Rob Mariano, and Amber Brkich Mariano on Survivor 40, Episode 7. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor: Winners at War cast is starting to put more Fire Tokens into play.

Based on what happened during the last episode, that could also be the case when Survivor 40, Episode 7 debuts on March 25.

Parvati Shallow had accrued four Fire Tokens, and she used one on an Idol Nullifier before heading to Tribal Council. When she was voted out, she gave what she had left to Michele Fitzgerald.

After selling her Immunity Idol to Denise Stapley for one of her Fire Tokens, Sandra Diaz-Twine got voted out. Then, she gave her Fire Token to Yul Kwon on the way out.

Below is a list of how many Fire Tokens each of the 20 Survivor: Winners at War cast members possess as a new episode draws closer on CBS.

Who has the most Survivor 40 Fire Tokens?

Michele Fitzgerald: 4
Natalie Anderson: 4
Nick Wilson: 2
Yul Kwon: 2
Denise Stapley: 1
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: 1
Jeremy Collins: 1
Tony Vlachos: 1
Wendell Holland: 1
Sophie Clarke: 1
Adam Klein: 1
Ben Driebergen: 1
Amber Mariano: 1
Danni Boatwright: 1
Ethan Zohn: 1
Sandra Diaz-Twine: 0
Parvati Shallow: 0
Tyson Apostol: 0
Rob Mariano: 0
Sarah Lacina: 0

Survivor 40, Episode 7 preview

There are just 12 people remaining in the game and another eight who reside on Extinction Island when the new episode begins. Sandra and Parvati will be shown with the six people who had already been living at the Edge of Extinction.

The three remaining tribes each have four people left on them. From the preview below that CBS revealed, host Jeff Probst is trying to push the drama.

The synopsis for Season 40, Episode 7 reads as follows:

“Some winners sprint their way to an opportunity to gain an edge over the other castaways; one tribe employs a different strategy in a rigorous immunity challenge.”

It seems like there are ingredients for a great episode on Wednesday night, but it would also be surprising if nobody was allowed to return from Extinction Island yet.

Typically, when EOE is used, there are two instances where people get to return to the game in a season.

If that doesn’t happen during this new episode, then it is almost guaranteed to take place during Episode 8 (next week).

And viewers will want to make sure to tune in for each one and keep a close eye on where all these Survivor Fire Tokens are residing.

Natalie Anderson has put together a nice collection of Fire Tokens if she can get back in the game, and Michele Fitzgerald now has four of them to play with as well.

Make sure to tune in on March 25 to find out what happens next.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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