Sandra Diaz-Twine said she was ‘hurt’ by how Traitors 2 ended

The Traitors 2 featured Sandra Diaz-Twine as one of two women from Survivor. While Parvati Shallow was brought on as a Traitor by Dan Gheesling from Big Brother and Phaedra Parks from RHOA, Sandra played hard as a Faithful. Sandra also did well by playing herself close to people she suspected of being Traitors. It


Sandra Diaz-Twine called a ‘b***h’ by Big Brother legend

A new episode of The Traitors 2 featured a huge fight between Big Brother and Survivor legends. Two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine is part of The Traitors 2 cast. Fellow Survivor winner Parvati Shallow joined her at the Scotland castle. Much like the first season of The Traitors, this one has two Survivor alums. Cirie


Survivor feud: Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine go at it

A Survivor feud between legends Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine has taken social media by storm over the past few days. It started innocently enough, with a fan posting a question on Facebook about why Sandra beat Parvati on the Heroes Vs. Villains season. Known also as Survivor 20, the Heroes vs. Villains season featured


Survivor USA winner Sandra Diaz-Twine to play Survivor Australia

Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine — or should we say two-time Survivor USA winner — is going to play on a new season of Survivor Australia. Sandra is one of only two people to win the USA version of the show twice, with the other one being Tony Vlachos. When we last saw Sandra, she was


Edge of Extinction Challenge arrives for Survivor: Winners at War cast

The Survivor: Winners at War cast is going to play the Edge of Extinction Challenge during the new episode on Wednesday night. This is the moment where everyone who has been voted off of Survivor this season gets a chance to re-enter the game. Nine people have been voted out so far, but Sandra Diaz-Twine


Sandra Diaz-Twine posts about why she quit Survivor: Winners at War cast

Sandra Diaz-Twine joined the Survivor: Winners at War cast as the only person who had ever won the show twice. Someone else is going to win the show for a second time after Sandra decided to quit Survivor 40 during the latest episode of the show. During Episode 7 of Winners at War, Sandra was


Who voted Sandra off Survivor? Blindside time on Winners at War

The castaway who voted Sandra off Survivor on Wednesday night pulled off a huge blindside. It might have been the biggest twist so far for the Winners at War cast. What made it notable for a lot of viewers was it led to the Queen of Survivor — Sandra Diaz-Twine — getting sent to the


Survivor: Sandra Diaz-Twine responds to complaints of her sitting out

Survivor: Winners at War aired again on Wednesday night, and Sandra Diaz-Twine sat out another challenge. But we already knew she was going to sit out based on the early images that CBS shared for the episode. And even though Sandra sat out a challenge that her tribe lost, she still wasn’t the person sent