Survivor USA winner Sandra Diaz-Twine to play Survivor Australia

Sandra On Survivor
Sandra Diaz-Twine is going to be playing Survivor again. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine — or should we say two-time Survivor USA winner — is going to play on a new season of Survivor Australia.

Sandra is one of only two people to win the USA version of the show twice, with the other one being Tony Vlachos.

When we last saw Sandra, she was responding to her decision to quit Survivor 40, where past winners had been brought back to compete for a $2 million prize.

It was Tony Vlachos who ended up winning Survivor: Winners at War, taking home the huge prize in the process. Now, he and Sandra are considered the primary legends of the USA version.

Sandra Diaz-Twine to star on Survivor Australia

There had been some rumors floating around about Sandra popping up on the Australian version of the reality competition show, but confirmation was slow to come from that buzz.

Now, Inside Survivor has confirmed that she is heading down under and that she is actually already in Australia for the filming.

Former Survivor USA player Russell Hantz has also previously appeared on the Australian show. He played on the Champions vs. Contenders season in 2018.

Sandra just can’t seem to get enough of playing Survivor. She played on four seasons in the USA and even showed up as an idol (with Boston Rob Mariano) during another season.

Inside Survivor also reported that the likely format for this new season of Australia Survivor is Blood vs Water, but that there might be a twist where singles make up one of the tribes.

Doing a season that will also include other former castaways from Survivor Australia might help Sandra survive a bit longer than if she was playing on a regular season. This way, she won’t be considered the only celebrity trying to win that grand prize.

Survivor 41 currently airing on CBS

A new season of Survivor USA is currently airing on CBS and there have been a lot of new twists and turns introduced.

The Survivor 41 cast is made up of 18 new castaways and they had to endure some big changes to filming. One of the changes was a required two-week quarantine before they even started playing the game.

Another change was that the Survivor 41 season is much shorter than in the past. That won’t impact the number of episodes, but it did speed up the game in a way that many Survivor fans have already noticed during the early Fall 2021 episodes.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Nice to see delusional hypocritical American sociopolitical ideology creeping into another countries reality tv show rules.. ala “come on in GUYS!” no more. How pathetic is that. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five!

2 years ago

^ True but at least they aren’t doing the absurd 50/50 non-reality CBS diversity chart crap. The hispanic expat contestant and daughter will be eliminated early I am sure and with zero “African” contestants this season means it’ll be straight up full on fun game play, as it should always be!