Survivor Fire Tokens tally: Taking a look at count before the merge

S40 Ep8
Things get crowded for the Survivor: Winners at War cast after the merge. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor Fire Tokens are about to become even more valuable as the three tribes merge into one large one during the next episode of the show.

The final 11 castaways are likely to be joined by someone else, as well, because this looks like a prime opportunity for someone to return from the Edge of Extinction.

On Wednesday night, viewers saw even more Survivor Fire Tokens get put into play. Rob Mariano found three on Extinction Island and Tyson Apostol also found one. Those are the only ones the guys now possess.

For readers wondering what the Fire Tokens are used for, we broke it down in a report about the show. The tokens work differently for people at EOE than they do for people still in the game.

Back to the episode, where it ended with Yul Kwon getting voted off Survivor last night. On his way out, he gave one Fire Token to Sophia Clarke and one to Sarah Lacina.

That brings us to the latest update on where all the Survivor Fire Tokens reside this season.

Survivor Fire Tokens tally

These numbers are through Survivor 40, Episode 7 from March 25. Something that was slightly glossed over and not shown on an episode was Michele Fitzgerald giving one of her Fire Tokens to Wendell Holland.

She referenced giving him one a bit later, but was she just making up a story for other members of her tribe? We will believe her for now, but place an asterisk next to their totals.

Natalie Anderson: 4
Michele Fitzgerald: 3*
Rob Mariano: 3
Nick Wilson: 2
Sophie Clarke: 2
Wendell Holland: 2*
Denise Stapley: 1
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: 1
Jeremy Collins: 1
Tony Vlachos: 1
Adam Klein: 1
Ben Driebergen: 1
Amber Mariano: 1
Danni Boatwright: 1
Ethan Zohn: 1
Sarah Lacina: 1
Tyson Apostol: 1
Yul Kwon: 0
Parvati Shallow: 0
Sandra Diaz-Twine: NA

Survivor 40 merge and battle back competition

The merge is about to happen and everyone still in the game has at least one Fire Token left in their possession. Out at the Edge of Extinction, only Yul Kwon and Parvati Shallow had none to their name.

As a reminder, Sandra Diaz-Twine quit the show during the last episode, feeling that she didn’t want to spend a lot of time on Extinction Island just for the opportunity to play in a battle back challenge.

When that battle back competition takes place, it will be interesting to see which of the EOE residents uses their Fire Tokens to purchase advantages. Could Rob Mariano use all three of his Fire Tokens and become the favorite to return?

The merge is also going to be extremely important, as viewers will start seeing where the lines are going to be drawn for alliances. Individual Immunity is on the line when the Survivor 40, Episode 8 airs on April 1.

But before that, here are some Survivor spoilers about a Reward Competition that took place but didn’t get shown during the latest episode.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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