Survivor spoilers: Who holds the Fire Tokens ahead of loved ones episode?

Survivor Loved Ones
Tyson Apostol and Jeff Probst during Survivor 40 loved ones episode. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor Fire Tokens continue to be an essential part of the current season. And ahead of the episode where loved ones will be reunited with the Winners at War cast, it’s time to take a look at the Fire Tokens tally.

Last week, Adam Klein was the former winner who got voted off Survivor and sent to the Edge of Extinction.

On his way out of Tribal Council, Adam gave his Fire Token to Denise Stapley.

Earlier in Episode 9, an advantage was found on Extinction Island by Parvati Shallow, who then sold it to Michele Fitzgerald for her four Fire Tokens.

Where those four Fire Tokens now reside is a bit of a question, but we will list them with Parvati for the time being. What is known for sure, though, is that Michele used up all of hers.

We also know that Parvati used one of them for a jar of peanut butter that she then shared with a few of the eliminated veterans. That — as well as the other three Fire Tokens — could come up during Episode 10.

At the Immunity Challenge, Kim Spradlin won safety, and with it, a Fire Token bequeathed by host Jeff Probst.

Survivor spoilers: Who holds the Fire Tokens now?

Below is a list of the remaining Survivor: Winners at War cast members and how many Fire Tokens they each currently possess:

Parvati Shallow: 3*
Nick Wilson: 3
Denise Stapley: 3
Sophie Clarke: 2
Jeremy Collins: 2
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: 2
Tony Vlachos: 1
Ben Driebergen: 1
Sarah Lacina: 1
Danni Boatwright: 0
Ethan Zohn: 0
Tyson Apostol: 0
Yul Kwon: 0
Wendell Holland: 0
Natalie Anderson: 0
Amber Mariano: 0
Rob Mariano: 0
Adam Klein: 0
Michele Fitzgerald: 0
Sandra Diaz-Twine: NA

Survivor: Winners at War cast sees their loved ones

During Survivor Season 40, Episode 10, which airs on Wednesday, April 15, loved ones are going to make their appearance.

This may only impact the people still in the game, so the inhabitants of EOE may not learn about it right away.

This particular episode is usually a marker within the season, showing how close they are to announcing a winner.

There are still a lot of people left in the game, though, so there could be a twist or two coming up very soon.

CBS revealed some details about finale night for the show, including how they are going to present the Reunion Show. The good news is that it will still take place, even though there is a new format for it.

The updated schedule from CBS also indicates that another two-hour episode is coming up soon.

Before all that takes place, make sure to tune in for the loved ones episode on April 15.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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