Nicolina Bozzo reveals her true feelings after American Idol elimination

Nicolina Bozzo on American Idol
Nicolina Bozzo on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Last Sunday on American Idol, the fans voted for their favorites and two talented singers went home.

Most shocking was the elimination of Fritz Hager, who was seen as a frontrunner before COVID-19 slowed him down. However, the other elimination was the singer with arguably the strongest voice on the show.

Nicolina Bozzo, who had impressed the judges with her range, was knocked out of the Top 5 round and didn’t make it to the finals.

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After her elimination, Nicolina let the world know what she felt about her experience and elimination from American Idol.

Nicolina on her American Idol elimination

Nicolina posted her response to her elimination on Instagram, and she was very positive and looking forward to her future.

“I feel like a winner. I am so proud of how far I’ve come. Looking back at life I now know it was all worth it. All the struggles. All the tears. It all makes sense,” Nicolina wrote.

Nicolina comes from a broken family, but she used her willpower and strength to hold her sisters up. She took the two young girls under her wing, as a teenager herself, and made sure they knew they were loved. Her experience on American Idol was as much for them as it was for herself.

“I have come so so far from who I was a year ago and I’ll be forever grateful of this experience,” she continued. “This is only the beginning and I am so excited to start the next chapter of my life and take u all along on this ride with me. Love u all forever.”

Nicolina also knows how important it was for her to make it to the Top 5 on American Idol. She had previously tried out for America’s Got Talent and they didn’t even take her past the audition round, nor did they show her audition.

Nicolina’s American Idol journey

Nicolina did more than a lot of other competitors on American Idol this season. While many people came out and just showed off their voices, Nicolina performed.

She was the first person to ever sing a villain’s song on Disney Night, and her performance while singing made it one of the best of the night.

When she performed her last song, she had a silk cape and a wind machine on her while she sang, something Katy Perry pointed out with glee.

While Nicolina didn’t make it to the finals, she has a bright career ahead of her and she knows it.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

Nicolina was great! Loved her singing! She should of been in the Top 3 not Huntergirl