American Idol 2022: Reliving every Nicolina performance

Nicolina came into American Idol’s 20th anniversary season with something to prove. The big-voiced singer had helped raise her sisters and watched her brother take his own life as they lived in poverty her entire life. However, she knew she had a talent, and after America’s Got Talent rejected her, she got a second chance


Nicolina Bozzo reveals her true feelings after American Idol elimination

Last Sunday on American Idol, the fans voted for their favorites and two talented singers went home. Most shocking was the elimination of Fritz Hager, who was seen as a frontrunner before COVID-19 slowed him down. However, the other elimination was the singer with arguably the strongest voice on the show. Nicolina Bozzo, who had


Nicolina did something on American Idol no competitor had ever done before

Nicolina Bozzo is an 18-year-old singer who has brought the goods this season on American Idol. The young singer took the stage on Disney Night on Sunday, and she did something that no one had ever done before in the history of American Idol. The judges pointed it out, and when she finished, it almost


American Idol promotes a top duet performance for Hollywood Week

On Sunday night, American Idol continues Hollywood Week with the Duets Challenge. There is a change in how the Duets Challenge operates this year and it should provide quite an entertaining episode. With the three Platinum Ticket holders naming their duet partners while the judges choose the rest, fans expect some big performances. However, it