Nicolina did something on American Idol no competitor had ever done before

Nicolina on Ameircan Idol
Nicolina on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Nicolina Bozzo is an 18-year-old singer who has brought the goods this season on American Idol.

The young singer took the stage on Disney Night on Sunday, and she did something that no one had ever done before in the history of American Idol.

The judges pointed it out, and when she finished, it almost guaranteed that it wouldn’t be the last time, as singers in the future will want to replicate the amazing performance that she put on as she moved on to the top 7.

Nicolina breaks new ground on American Idol

Nicolina Bozzo had a challenging journey to get to American Idol.

She came from a broken home where her parents had a hard divorce, and she ended up taking the major role in helping raise her two little sisters.

That made Disney Week special when she was able to have both of them with her at Disneyland to share this fantastic experience.

Then, Nicolina did something no one had ever done in the history of American Idol.

Nicolina came onto Disney Night, and she performed a villain song.

No one had ever chosen a villain song in the past, usually choosing either a happy and uplifting hero’s song or a sad and beautiful song, also from a Disney hero.

Nicolina wanted to do something different.

She chose Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid.

Not only did she choose this iconic song, but she was lucky to have guest mentor Derek Hough there to advise her to really get into the character of Ursula the Sea Witch.

Nicolina did so and turned in what might have been the night’s best performance.

Nicolina will surely have a place on Broadway when her American Idol journey comes to a close.

Who is in the top 7 of American Idol?

Nicolina was a perfect choice to move on to the top 7 on American Idol.

For those waiting to see the performances before voting, it was a shoo-in to keep the talented young singer in the competition.

Nicolina still has a tough road ahead of her because the top 7 are all very talented singers.

Joining Nicolina in the top 7 are uber-popular Fritz Hager, the very talented Christian Guardino, the fun and crazy Leah Marlene, country singer Noah Thompson, and both of the remaining Platinum Ticket holders Jay Copeland and HunterGirl.

They will all get a break tonight when American Idol holds The Great Idol Reunion, with stars from the past returning to the stage.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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Ken “ Ziggy” Yagodinski
Ken “ Ziggy” Yagodinski
2 years ago

No Colima ROCKED THE HOUSE! Nuff said