American Idol 2022: Reliving every Nicolina performance

Nicolina on American Idol
Nicolina on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Nicolina came into American Idol’s 20th anniversary season with something to prove.

The big-voiced singer had helped raise her sisters and watched her brother take his own life as they lived in poverty her entire life. However, she knew she had a talent, and after America’s Got Talent rejected her, she got a second chance on American Idol.

In the end, Nicolina proved she has a bright future, and she has the talent and voice to become the next Idol singer to make it on Broadway.

Here is a look back at Nicolina’s American Idol journey.

The Auditions Round

Nicolina Bozzo came in to audition as an 18-year-old and she told her story. She said she had two younger sisters and she liked to sing with them. She also had a very personal story, but it was her voice that carried her to the Hollywood rounds.

Nicolina sang the Sara Bareilles song She Used to Be Mine. She had a voice more than her years, and she proved that America’s Got Talent’s rejection was wrong.

Hollywood Week – Genre Challenge/Duets

In the Genre Challenge, Nicolina was put into the pop category. She had Jordin Sparks as her mentor and she came out and sang the Billie Eilish song Everything I Wanted and brought down the house with the performance, moving on.

In the Duets Round, two singers who made a huge run sang together as Top 5 Nicolina sang with Top 7 Christian Guardino. The song they sang was Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s The Prayer. It was one of the best duet performances as they just sounded magical together.

Lionel said they were mesmerized, and it was something special.

Showstopper Round

The first song for a live audience was the choice of the singers. Nicolina came out and sang a very hard song when she performed Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Despite the fact it was a hard song, she was able to hit those amazing Adele high notes.

Luke said he had chill bumps and Katy told Nicolina that she was moving on without question.

Top 24

The Top 24 was the first time that the fans at home got to vote. The Top 24 split into two groups, with the first 12 singing on Sunday night and the second 12 on Monday night. Nicolina was in Group 1.

She came out and delivered an amazing performance of Sia’s Elastic Heart. It wasn’t perfect, but she sang with great emotion and that is what mattered the most. Luke called her one of the best singers this year. Lionel said she had a great stage presence, and her voice was mesmerizing. Katy said she looked and sounded like a star and the fans agreed, voting her on.

Top 20

The Top 20 was a huge night for the American Idol contestants, a three-hour episode with the singers pulling out all the stops. For Nicolina, she pulled out a classic rock song and sang Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks.

Luke told her that she knew what she was doing, and Lionel said she mastered the peak parts of the song. Katy said Nicolina’s voice was like a Ferrari, and she moved on.

Breakout Hits/Judge’s Song Contest

For the Breakout Hits, Nicolina sang Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. This is a song that someone sings almost every year on every singing competition show, but Nicolina delivered a powerful performance and owned the stage. Katy said it was angelic and Lionel said she is gifted beyond her years.

Up next was the Judge’s Song Contest, which was a fun competition. Each judge chose a song for the singers, and they chose the one they wanted to sing without knowing who chose it. The winning judge who had the most songs chosen got to save someone who the fans didn’t vote in.

Nicolina chose to sing Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone (which was chosen by Lionel Richie). Lionel said he wanted fire and he got it from Nicolina.

Disney Night

Disney Night was Top 10 week, and it was time for three people to go home. Derek Hough was the mentor, and he focused most on the stage presence and how they carried themselves in their performance.

Nicolina delivered the best performance of the entire night. She was the first American Idol singer in history to ever sing a villain’s song on Disney Night, as she chose Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. She also dressed up and played the villain in her performance. It was mesmerizing and Katy said she stole the show.

TikTok/Mother’s Day

Nicolina was asked to find a song trending on TikTok that she wanted to perform in the Top 7 round. She chose to sing Alone by Heart, choosing yet another big voice to sing (Nancy Wilson). She hit the big notes, as expected, and Lionel said she was a “star in control.”

After this, it was time for Nicolina to sing a song dedicated to her mother. Her choice was the Pentatonix song Light in the Hallway. Lionel said she was flawless, and Katy called it A++.

Carrie Underwood/Contestant’s Choice

Nicolina came into the Top 5 and had two performances to put on for the fans. First, there was a Carrie Underwood song. Second, she got to choose her own second song as she fought for a spot in the finale.

Nicolina really went all out in this round with another huge stage show. For her Carrie song, she sang Blown Away, but she slowed things down, and Carrie said that Nicolina made the song her own. Lionel said she was staying in her land and finding her stride. Katy loved the fact that Nicolina used a cape and a wind machine.

After this, it was time to do another Adele song, this time singing All I Ask. Luke said that Nicolina’s name would adorn a marquee and Lionel called it a treasured moment.

However, as great as the performance was, it was not enough to push her into the finale, and she went home that night.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing competition series will return in 2023 to ABC.

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1 year ago

Nicolina or Christian should’ve won. They were the only true singers in the entire competition. Katy never gave Nicolina the credit she deserved. I don’t why.

1 year ago

She sucked, glad she didn’t win