Nicole Franzel on playing Big Brother: ‘I wouldn’t go back’ and ‘I’m done’

Nicole On BB22 jury
Nicole Franzel was very frustrated to be on the BB22 jury. Pic credit: CBS

Following her third-place finish on Big Brother 22, Nicole Franzel spoke with the local news in Michigan about her experiences.

Among the things that Nicole discussed was her relationship with Cody Calafiore, her time in the Big Brother house, and her future in regards to the reality competition show.

We previously reported about how it seems like Nicole is removing a lot of Big Brother cast members from her social media accounts.

She appears to still be very frustrated that Cody didn’t take her to the final two, even though she spoke on the show about having a difficult time herself deciding if she would take Cody or Enzo Palumbo with her.

Nicole speaks with The Detroit News

In a phone interview that Nicole did with The Detroit News, she shared a lot of feelings that she has been going through since she was evicted from the Big Brother house.

“I wouldn’t go back. I can’t go. I’m done,” Nicole told them.

Addressing whether she would have taken Cody to the final two, Nicole said, “I would have made a bad game move and took Cody to the final two. The older I get, the more emotional I feel, and the more my heart is, like, in it. I’m not as cutthroat as I used to be, I guess, so it’s time for me to retire.”

And she also talked about what’s coming up in her life with fiance Victor Arroyo.

“I played three times in my 20s. First time when I was 21, and then 25, and now 28. And now I’m getting married and ready to have kids, and I think that that was a great 10 years that I basically spent going in and out of that house. It’s really cool. But that many days in the house is enough.”

According to what she said in the house, Nicole and Victor will soon be getting married. A hot topic had been which other Big Brother houseguests would get invited or would attend.

Nicole invited Cody, Janelle Pierzina, and Ian Terry to the wedding, but it’s now possible that none of those three members of the Big Brother 22 cast will be in attendance.

While Nicole took a huge hit with her sponsors due to her behavior in the house in regard to Ian, it will be interesting to see if she finds a way to recover and if a different form of reality television could be in her future.

Additional Big Brother news

It seems that the friendship that Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell developed on BB22 is now over. That news was revealed when the duo exited the jury house.

For fans interested in applying to be a member of the Big Brother 23 cast, CBS has now opened applications.

Big Brother returns in 2021 with Season 23 on CBS.