Big Brother: Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell may no longer be friends

Kevin And Da'Vonne BB22
Kevin Campbell and Da’Vonne Rogers were part of the Big Brother 22 cast in 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell seemed to strike up a long-lasting friendship while being members of the Big Brother 22 cast.

Now, it seems that the friendship may already be over, with a jury fight leading to social media comments from both sides.

As the season progressed, Da’Vonne and Kevin found themselves on the outside of the primary alliance (The Committee). It led to them considering a two-person alliance.

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When Da’Vonne saved Kevin from the block by using a Power of Veto that she won, it really looked like they had cemented a friendship that was going to survive outside of the house.

Unfortunately, it looks like that friendship didn’t even survive the jury house.

What happened between Da’Vonne and Kevin on Big Brother 22?

Below is a video of Da’Vonne and Kevin finding common ground on the show and bonding during an important conversation. It took place after Bayleigh Dayton was evicted.

Big Brother 22 - Da'Vonne And Kevin Share A Moment

Following the Triple Eviction episode, Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David Alexander were all a part of the BB22 jury and that is where a lot of additional conversations took place between the trio.

As Kevin tells it, things got pretty heated during one of their discussions, where they talked about what happened in the house, race, and differing opinions on game strategies.

Below is video footage of an online Instagram story that Kevin shared. In the video, Kevin states that during a conversation things got “heated” and that they basically stopped talking to each other after it happened. He alluded to Da’Vonne accusing him of talking about her behind her back once she had been evicted.

Take a look and listen to see everything he has to say about it.

Kevin talks about Da’vonne — #BB22

Da’Vonne addresses Kevin situation

Below is a post that Da’Vonne put up on Twitter the day after Big Brother 22 came to an end. In it, she references why she became frustrated with Kevin and what led to their disagreement in the jury house.

Da'Vonne About Kevin
Da’Vonne addresses the situation with Kevin. Pic credit: @BBKayJay4/Twitter

There are likely to be more posts from both parties about what took place, but it is quite clear that they are on different sides of the issue.

Conversations like this one are another good reason why Big Brother should emulate what some of the other hit reality shows do, and have reunion shows. That would certainly provide some interesting TV for the fans.

More Big Brother news

Da’Vonne won America’s Favorite Houseguest this season, showing that a lot of fans loved watching her on the show. It may be the last time she is on a cast, though, as this was her third time competing.

And referencing some of the pre-gaming rumors from this season, Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez has been saying a lot on social media lately.

Big Brother returns with Season 23 in 2021.

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