Big Brother rumors: Nicole Franzel unfollowing All-Stars on social media

Nicole And Cody BB22 Finale
Cody Calafiore evicted Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 22 finale. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel is really bitter about her time on Big Brother 22. And it appears to be carrying over to social media.

Following her third-place finish on Big Brother All-Stars 2, there are a lot of rumors online that she is unfollowing people from the cast.

We already heard from Nicole in her post-show interview, where she said she is “probably not going to” speak to Cody again until he reaches out to her.

The hint at bitterness began during her eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves, where Nicole was upset that Cody didn’t throw the final part of the Head of Household Competition. She really thought he was going to throw it to her.

Nicole really thought that Cody was going to let her become the final HOH on an All-Stars season and put his fate in her hands. It’s really unclear why she thought that, especially since Cody had a front row seat to what Nicole was doing to Ian Terry all summer.

And now it appears that Nicole is cutting ties with people from Big Brother.

Big Brother rumors: Is Nicole unfollowing cast members?

Below are just a few of the posts getting sent around social media right now. One shows that Nicole doesn’t follow Cody Calafiore on Instagram, while the other one shows she does not follow Daniele Donato.

The rumors have it that she followed them before the season began. There are also social media images suggesting Nicole unfollowed Cody’s girlfriend, which is another interesting wrinkle to the situation.

Nicole is not following Dani on Instagram. Pic credit: coconuts_/Instagram
Nicole doesn’t follow Cody on Instagram now. Pic credit: coconuts_/Instagram

Is Nicole done as social media influencer?

In the coming weeks and months, it will be very interesting to see if Nicole decides to continue with her career as a social media influencer. Her image took a huge hit while she was in the Big Brother house and the optics are getting worse since she left the house.

Nicole, much like Christmas Abbott, has stated numerous times that people shouldn’t take the “game” personally, but maybe that’s one of those “do as I say, not as I do” type of things for her.

To her credit, at least she voted for Cody to win Big Brother, because he deserved it much more than Enzo Palumbo. Unlike the route that Dani took on Big Brother 14, Nicole was not a bitter juror.

Do you think that Nicole regrets practicing the answers to questions on the live feeds?

Big Brother 23 will air on CBS in summer 2021.

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Brandon Key
Brandon Key
3 years ago

Dani wasn’t on season 14. She was on 13.