Nicole Franzel practices answering questions for Big Brother 22 jury

Nicole Franzel Playing BB22
Nicole Franzel has been prepping herself on the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel hopes that she gets a chance to appeal to the Big Brother 22 jury very soon. If she makes it to the final two, that’s exactly what she will be able to do on finale night.

After winning Part 1 of the final Head of Household Competition, Nicole improved her chances to make it to the end. If she wins Part 3 on finale night, she gets to decide who sits next to her in the final two.

In preparation for possibly having to face the BB22 jury, Nicole has been answering questions by herself on the CBS live feeds. It gives some insight to viewers about she feels she played the game this summer.

Just from the way she is answering some of the questions, though, her case to win this season over Cody Calafiore doesn’t seem very strong. It also shows why she should heavily consider taking Enzo Palumbo to the end if she gets a choice.

Nicole answers pretend questions from the BB22 jury

In the video clips shared below, Nicole can be seen answering questions that she thinks are going to be coming from the BB22 jury. As she has already made it to the final two once before — she was the Big Brother 18 winner — she knows what to expect.

“We believe that you hid behind other players in this game and that you didn’t do anything,” Nicole stated while pretending to be someone from the BB22 jury.

She answered as if she were in the final two, stating that it was “a great question” before saying that she knew that “as a former winner coming into this house I knew that winning competitions” forced her into “building a weak persona.”

Take a look and listen to some of the other questions and answers that she came up with while preparing on her own. There are four different clips shared below that give more insight into how Nicole views the season and why she feels she deserves to win the $500,000 prize.

Can Nicole actually beat Cody in a final two?

As the caption for the clips and Nicole’s answers clearly point out, it would be very difficult for Nicole to beat Cody in front of the BB22 jury. He has played a superior game when it comes to competition wins and moves in the game.

Her best move was to align herself with the strongest player of the season. She may need to rely on some bitter jurors or some predetermined votes from people like Ian Terry and/or Da’Vonne Rogers to stand any shot.

In addition to preparing to meet the BB22 jury, we have also seen the final three houseguests predict who will win America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer. They might be on the same page as the many former houseguests who have been campaigning on social media for Da’Vonne to win it.

It will be very interesting to see how Christmas Abbott votes on finale night, as during her post-show interviews, she spoke about how well she feels she played the game. It’s similar to how she felt she played great on Big Brother 19 and wants everyone to know it.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 concludes Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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