Big Brother: Christmas Abbott thinks she played a great game on BB19 cast

Christmas Abbott On BB22
Christmas Abbott was brought back from BB19 to also play on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Christmas Abbott feels that her gameplay from Big Brother 19 was much better than fans remember.

During a conversation with Nicole Franzel in the HOH Room, Christmas opened up about her feelings from being on the BB19 cast.

Some fans of the show might disagree with her interpretation of how the summer 2017 season progressed.

Christmas wants some respect

“I don’t want what happened to me last time to happen to me this time, where I worked my a** off,” Christmas stated. “Where my gameplay was really overshadowed and underappreciated, and Josh told me the whole time he was gonna take me.”

Christmas is referring to Josh Martinez, who ended up becoming the Big Brother 19 winner when the jury voted for him over Paul Abrahamian. When it got down to the final three, Josh chose to take Paul to the final two.

“And, last minute, because, I don’t know if it was a game move, or like, you know, he said it was a game move, I get it, but…,” continued Christmas before Nicole asked her to clarify about who took whom to the end.

“They had decided that before that moment, and I felt, I mean, I handled it, but I wish that one, if he changed his mind, since he changed his mind, that he would have at least given me a heads up,” Christmas stated.

Yes, Christmas speaking to Nicole comes off as a stream of consciousness rather than complete sentences, and that’s exactly what Christmas warned her about when they started chatting.

She went on to throw Paul under the bus, saying she would never play as he did and that she never wanted to feel like she played the way that Paul or Josh did on that season.

What was the point of all of her chat about Season 19? She told Nicole that she didn’t want to get picked off by guys again.

Does Christmas deserve more credit for making third place on BB19?

Around 12 days into the summer 2017 season, Christmas was playing around in the backyard with Jason Dent, and she came down hard on her foot. She broke 10 bones in the foot and had to leave the house for extensive surgeries.

After she returned, Christmas was in a cast for most of the season, moving around the house on crutches and a small scooter. She had to sit out quite a few challenges, and Paul even found a way to throw her one Veto Competition win while she was still injured.

Many fans felt that Paul and Josh carried her all the way to the final three, but Christmas appears to have a different opinion about what happened that summer.

Big Brother spoilers about Christmas

There are some important Big Brother spoilers regarding what happens next for Christmas this season. The latest Veto Meeting took place, and it ended with Christmas being on the block for the next Eviction Ceremony.

As it stands, Christmas will be on the block next to Memphis Garrett on Thursday night. She could make it to the final four if she survives, but would she deserve to win if she made it to the final two? And was her performance this season any better than her time on BB19?

Stay tuned, and we also do have an update on what the plan is for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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3 years ago

Xmas is delusional about being a “comp beast”!!!