Miona Bell shows 90 Day Fiance fans how to transform hair in minutes

Miona Bell
Miona Bell promoted her ponytail line while modeling a low ponytail look. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance Season 9 star Miona Bell launched her ponytail line earlier this year and has been busy promoting her beauty business brand.

Miona wears her own ponytails as well, having made them a statement piece while on the show.

In a recent video, Miona drew attention to how easy she said it is to wear one of her ponytails and modeled a side ponytail look.

She began by introducing that she was going to “quickly show you how I transform your hair in less than two minutes” while she had her natural hair down to begin the process.

Miona let her 90 Day fans know they would need “a brush, two hair ties, and one bobby pin” to secure the look.

She started by first brushing her hair before sectioning it off, letting viewers know that she was going for a low ponytail style.

Miona Bell shows off the ease of wearing her ponytails

Once Miona sectioned her hair into a side part, she put her hair into a low ponytail and then created a bun using the second hair tie and wrapping her hair around the base of the ponytail.

She showed her Instagram Reel onlookers that she was going to try on two different ponytails and dropped the hairstyle names and numbers.

She then took one of the ponytails and showed that the inside had a mesh circle before Miona threw it back on her head and fastened it around her bun using the drawstring feature of the ponytail.

To complete the look, she took part of the hair from the ponytail, hid the drawstring inside, and circled it around the secured ponytail.

Her final look was a long polished ponytail. Her post had the caption, “Which ponytail do you prefer? ? Desert Ponytail color 12/613 and Flamingo Ponytail 2/27/613.”

The video ended before Miona wore the second look.

Miona Bell shouts out her customers

Miona, who is extremely active on social media, especially Instagram, has a personal and business Instagram.

She often shouts out her 90 Day Fiance fans and customers who buy, wear, and share their ponytail looks on social media through both of her accounts.

When Miona isn’t rocking her natural hair, which she recently had a makeover on, 90 Day fans can almost surely catch her in her signature ponytails.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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John Agapito
John Agapito
10 months ago

Miona Bell 90 day Fiance awesome!