90 Day Fiance: Miona Bell selling her signature ponytail, launches beauty company

Miona Bell of 90 Day Fiance
Miona launched her Miona Beauty line, which offers her signature ponytails in different shades. Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

Miona Bell is expanding her career and announced that she recently launched her own beauty line, which offers her signature ponytails, as seen on 90 Day Fiance.

Miona is capitalizing on her fame from appearing on 90 Day Fiance alongside her husband, Jibri Bell, who admittedly joined the franchise for clout.

The Serbian-born beauty became known for her fashion choices, which Jibri’s mom Mahala considered too skimpy to wear around the house.

Unapologetically, Miona has continued to express herself through fashion, makeup, and hair, and her growing fan base has come to appreciate her knack for all things beauty.

Already having teased a bikini line this year, Miona took to Instagram this weekend to share her latest business venture: a beauty line called Miona Beauty.

“Guys! I just launched my @mionabeauty store!” she captioned her post. “You can purchase my signature ponytails and my makeup brush kit! Ponytails range from black to blonde colors! Thank you for the support! Love you! ?”

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell launches Miona Beauty, offering her signature ponytail

In the carousel post, Miona posed while showing off three of her ponytail options and her makeup brush kit. A quick glance at her website shows her customers can purchase her ponytails, each in six different color options, for $49 and her makeup brush kit for $68.

Miona’s “about me” section explains her love of ponytails: “Hi guys! My name is Miona Bell, I’m the founder and owner of Miona Beauty!”

“My love for the ponytails started when I got my first ponytail extension almost 10 years ago. Once when I realized how easy it is to style your hair with these extensions my love for extensions continue to grow!”

Miona found abundant support from her fans in the post’s comments section. One of the first to congratulate her was her husband, Jibri, who shared how proud he is of his wife for launching a business in America.

Miona’s fans and 90 Day Fiance castmates congratulate her on new business

“I’m so proud of you baby! From Niš Serbia all the way to Making your own business in America! You are an inspiration! ??,” Jibri commented.

Another star from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Tania Maduro, left a series of clapping-hand emojis in the comments, while Miona’s 90 Day Fiance Season 9 castmate Thais Ramone wrote, “Maravilhosa!! I want already everything ?❤️❤️”

“Wow miona this is impressive!” commented Jibri’s band, Black Serbs.

miona bell's friends and castmates comment on IG following the launch of her new beauty line
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance star’s Miona Beauty Instagram is now up and running, where just two weeks ago, she teased, “Something exciting coming soon…. ?”

Miona has proven that she has what it takes when it comes to all things beauty and her friends and family are ready to support her in her new business venture.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

This witch is one of the most stuck up and controlling on the show. ALL the females from this season are HORRIBLE, she’s no different. As disrespectful as can be to Jibri’s parents, particularly his mom. When she asked her to stop parading around half naked in HER home, she should have complained. Not paying rent or doing much of anything, but living iff his parents! This won’t last anyway, jibri has had to basically give up his life for this witch!

M Baker
M Baker
1 year ago

It’s about damn time. Miona has proven to all her supporters and even haters that she can pull off any look and always look beautiful irrespective of her hairstyle, make-up, or outfit.