MAFS viewers are happy that Michael broke up with Jasmina after Decision Day

Fans of Married at First Sight share their thoughts on Michael and Jasmina's separation.
Fans react to Michael and Jasmina’s separation. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 14 of Married at First Sight is winding down, and viewers aren’t hesitating to share their thoughts on the couple’s final decisions.

It’s Michael and Jasmina, though, who have become the topic of many conversations in the MAFS fandom. The couple had a rough start to their marriage and had an explosive argument on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, they never got things back on track and struggled to communicate for most of the season.

Now that decision day has rolled around, fans of the show seem excited that the couple chose to finally call it quits.

Michael and Jasmina announce their separation

Decision Day is the main event of MAFS. After eight weeks of being married to a stranger, each couple will decide if they want to stay together or go their separate ways.

Michael and Jasmina didn’t seem to be a good fit for one another. Early into their relationship, they had multiple arguments, breakdowns in communication, and frustrating moments where they completely stopped talking.

It seemed that getting a divorce was the obvious choice for these two once the social experiment came to an end. Surprisingly, on Decision Day, they both chose to stay together. However, during part 1 of the reunion, which was filmed five months later, Michael announced the two were no longer together and seeking a divorce.

The decision was great news for many fans and they quickly ran to Twitter to share their thoughts. One user pointed out Jasmina’s relationship preferences, saying, “Jasmina friend zoned Michael from the start and definitely prefers to want a long distance marriage with anyone she meets lol. I wish him well.”

Another fan shares their thoughts, saying, “I’m so glad Mike and Jasmina are not together anymore (crying face emoji) he deserves so much better.”

A fan of Married at First Sight shares their thoughts on Michael and Jasmina's spit.
A MAFS fan shares their thoughts on Michael and Jasmina’s split. Pic credit: @yanniyon_/Twitter

Another viewer felt that Jasmina made things difficult for the couple. They wrote, “Michael deserves a nice person. I HATE saying this. But Jasmina/Yasmina is a bit difficult. She has a bunch of barriers/walls.”

A Married at First Sight viewer shares their feelings on Michael and Jasmina's relationship.
A MAFS viewer shares their thoughts on Michael and Jasmina’s relationship. Pic credit: @steelplatedrose/Twitter

Based on the comments from fans, it seems that many viewers are both happy and relieved that Michael and Jasmina have decided to end their relationship.

Michael and Jasmina are ready to move on

After announcing their split, Michael and Jasmina shared what’s next for themselves and how they plan to move on from their marriage.

Jasmina stated that she’s not interested in dating for a while. She wants to focus on her career and learn to love herself more. She says she and Michael are still friends, and she will be there for him if he ever needs her.

Michael revealed that while he is not officially dating anyone, he has met someone who has caught his attention. He says they are just talking and getting to know one another, but he is interested in her. He didn’t have anything negative to say about Jasmina and said they do have a bond and are still close.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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