MAFS viewers turn on Jasmina and call her out for her attitude towards Michael

Jasmina Outar of Married at First Sight gets called out by fans for her tone with husband, Michael Morency.
Married at First Sight star Jasmina Outar gets called out by fans for how she talks to her husband, Michael Morency. Pic credit: Lifetime

The current season of Married at First Sight is well underway and continues to stir up the emotions of its viewers. The show follows the journey of strangers willing to get married without ever meeting or talking to one another prior to their wedding day.

The social experiment, which is now airing Season 14, has become a major topic of discussion on social media. Each week, fans are eager to share their thoughts and critique the actions of each couple.

A recent episode of the show set Twitter on fire as fans expressed their feelings for Jasmina, who appeared to show viewers another side of her personality.

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MAFS fans don’t like how Jasmina Outar talks to Michael Morency

Earlier in the season, many viewers quickly gravitated towards Jasmina, and were hopeful about her marriage to Michael. However, after the latest episode, their opinions could be changing.

As the couple sat down to share a meal together, they began having a conversation about their arguments, communication styles, and the state of their relationship. Michael, who had previously been criticized by Jasmina for his tone and the way he spoke to her, asked what he could do to better improve the way they communicate with one another.

In response, Jasmina told him to be careful of his tone when talking to her and to not raise his voice. The conversation quickly escalated as Michael attempted to defend himself, stating he never intended to be disrespectful in his tone.

Jasmina replied by repeating multiple times that he doesn’t know how to properly express his feelings, insisted that he was again raising his voice, and refused to let him complete a sentence.

This led fans to feeling that Jasmina was being unfair in their conversation and not giving Michael a chance to show her that he’s willing to work on their relationship. They quickly took the opportunity to share their thoughts on Twitter.

One user shared their opinion, stating, “Jasmina is ANNOYING!!! He’s not vulnerable with you because he’s not comfortable with you. Especially if you’re going to tone check him every time he talks to you. She just needs to admit she doesn’t like him.”

A Married at First Sight fan comments on Jasmina Outar's comments.
A user comments on Jasmina and Michael’s conversation. Pic credit: @Juss_Jazzii/Twitter

Another viewer believed Jasmina came off as condescending in their conversation.

A Married at First Sight viewer shares their thoughts on Jasmina Outar.
A viewer shares their thoughts about Jasmina’s tone. Pic credit: IWedFred/Twitter

Unfortunately, Jasmina and Michael did not get a resolution to their conflict during this conversation, and simply just stopped talking to one another. However, the scene may have become the reason some fans are no longer rooting for Jasmina, and may have found a spot in their hearts for Michael.

Will Jasmina and Michael stay together?

The couple has roughly 6 more weeks before they reach decision day and decide if they will stay married or get divorced. While Jasmina and Michael have had some disagreements since their honeymoon, she still feels they have a shot at making things work.

On the MAFS Afterparty following this episode, Jasmina was a guest and discussed the conversation scene she had with Michael.

When host, Keshia Knight Pullium asked Jasmina how she feels about her relationship, she said, “Michael is a great guy, and when we’re good, we’re really good. We can both see why the experts matched us.”

She went on to say that she hopes they can find a way to communicate better for the sake of their marriage.

Do you think this couple can find a way to make their marriage work?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

The problem my be she has issues not Michael. I think her stepmother put a lot of these ideas in her head. Who does dhe think she is.