MAFS: Things got tense between Erik and Virginia during their couples retreat

Things got a little tense on the couple’s retreat for Erik and Virginia. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s almost the end of the experiment on Married at First Sight, and the decisions about the couple’s futures are looming.

Although the eight-year age difference between Erik and Virginia didn’t seem like an issue at first, they’re realizing that gap also comes with some major differences in opinion.

While they were lucky enough to have an instant connection at the altar, things got a little tense when the remaining participants got together for a couple’s retreat.

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Things got tense between Erik and Virginia on their couples retreat

With only a few days till their final decisions, there are some major topics the couples need to consider before committing to forever.

When it comes to Erik and Virginia, a major sore subject is their future living situation. While Erik assumed Virginia would move in because he owns his place – that isn’t the case.

The subject was raised in front of the other couples, and it was obvious they haven’t come to an agreement.

While Virginia explained that it would make no sense for her to stay alone at Erik’s condo while he’s away for work, her choice is to stay at her place till her lease is up.

“How do you guys think living apart will go after this?” Haley asked the couple.

“I don’t like it,” Erik said without thinking. “Anyone that I’ve talked to doesn’t like it. It’s just like, it feels like it’s, like, a regression, like we’re going backward, you know?”

“Moving in the condo, it’s just a lot for me, with my animals and everything,” Virginia detailed to the group. “The main thing is it’s just not pet-friendly for my pets.”

The argument clearly escalated as Erik told Virginia, “You can’t meet in the middle. It has to be your way and that’s it.”

Virginia refused to acknowledge Erik’s allergies

While Erik’s condo isn’t pet-friendly, Erik’s allergies aren’t the biggest fans of Virginia’s cats either. After the tense argument, the couple got into bed and continued to talk about the cat subject.

After detailing how her two cats sleep with her, Erik told Virginia that they need to find some middle ground when it came to her pets.

Shocked, Virginia told Erik, “I don’t know how you want me to not let my cats sleep in the bed.”

“I mean, you want me to just suffer all night, every night?” Erik asked.

While Virginia refused to lock her cats out, it’s clear Erik’s frustration with her not understanding his allergies will only continue.

Do you think Erik and Virginia will stay together on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Jill E. Elliott
Jill E. Elliott
2 years ago

Erik needs to let Virginia go home and be with her animals she is not ready to be with a man. She still has a way to go with drinking and flopping on mens couches . when she realizes what she had its going to be a nightmare wake up call.