LPBW fans think Tori Roloff only wanted dwarf children for ‘notoriety’ and ‘fame’

Tori Roloff of LPBW
Did Tori Roloff have dwarf babies for attention? LPBW fans think so. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has come under fire from fans of the show who think she is “offensive” towards little people and wanted children with dwarfism for the “notoriety” and “fame.”

Tori and husband Zach Roloff have two kids, Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 1, whom are both dwarves.

Given that Tori is of average height and Zach is a dwarf born with achondroplasia, the chances of each of their children being dwarves is 50%.

Tori and Zach knew Jackson and Lilah might health problems

Tori and Zach were well aware of the potential health risks involved with little people. Zach underwent several surgeries in his younger years.

The Roloffs have already faced health challenges with their young children. They recently discovered that Jackson will eventually require surgery to correct the bowing in his legs.

Lilah wears glasses and sometimes an eye patch to correct a misalignment of her eyes, which causes them to cross.

Viewers watched last season as Zach and Tori faced a scary situation when Lilah was ill. They suspected hydrocephalus, fluid deep within the brain, which is common among achondroplasia dwarves. Luckily, it turned out that Lilah just had a virus.

When Tori and Zach found out their children were dwarves via ultrasound, Tori had trouble accepting the news. She worried not only about the potential health risks, but the ridicule they may face.

Now, some LPBW fans are saying that Tori has been “offensive” towards little people and that she wanted dwarf children for the “notoriety” and “fame.”

A fan of LPBW shared a post on Reddit, discussing Jackson’s bowed legs and his future surgery. The topic of Tori’s behavior towards her kids and their health issues was discussed.

Fans of LPBW on Reddit discussed Tori being a mom to dwarves

“I don’t understand Tori. She is ok with being married to [a little person], and she has [dwarf] children but when it comes to their health she poo poos any idea that maybe, just maybe they need intervention or medical care because of dwarfism,” said one fan.

“Yes many things she says are offensive to those living with dwarfism,” another fan wrote. They added, “I think she wanted children with dwarfism for notoriety and fame. She was in denial about how many surgeries and how much medical care will take. I do feel bad because I think it’s sinking in. I hope she [reconsiders] for future children.”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
Fans of LPBW threw shade at Tori for how she treats little people and her attitude towards having children who are LP’s. Pic credit: u/bitchcoco/Reddit

One fan thought that Tori considers her children’s size “cute,” but insinuated that she didn’t want to deal with the potential health issues that arise with raising dwarves.

“I agree, she still somehow thinks it is cute to be small like that but she hates the reality of them actually having real medical issues due to it,” the fan wrote.

Tori and Zach want to expand their family

Zach and Tori have already been criticized by trolls for having children, due to the fact that Zach is a dwarf.

Tori has been vocal that she and Zach would like more children in the future. In fact, she recently sparked rumors that the couple is expecting with a quote she shared in her IG stories.

Tori suffered a miscarriage earlier this year, after a devastating ultrasound. At eight weeks along in her pregnancy, Tori discovered she had lost the pregnancy two weeks prior.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.