LPBW fans speculate Audrey Roloff had cosmetic work done during her social media hiatus

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW
LPBW fans think Audrey Roloff had some work done to her face while on a social media break. Pic credit: TLC

Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff took a break from social media recently and upon returning, fans of the show think she used her hiatus to have some cosmetic work done.

Last month, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announced they were taking a break from social media, specifically from Instagram, calling it “healthy and life-giving.”

Audrey and husband Jeremy Roloff recently returned from a social media break

Fans previously speculated why they thought Jeremy and Audrey would be taking such a break, especially since they’re both social media influencers.

Some fans thought the couple was using the hiatus to figure out their next move when it comes to purchasing land. Others thought it may have had something to do with distancing themselves from the rest of the Roloff family.

Ahead of her and Jeremy’s break from social media, Audrey gave vague reasons for why they didn’t purchase Roloff Farms, causing some fans to wonder if it had something to do with their hiatus.

Did Audrey have work done to her face?

Now, fans are guessing that Jeremy and Audrey’s break for was another reason altogether: cosmetic work.

Audrey resurfaced on Instagram over the weekend to wish Jeremy a Happy Father’s Day and shared some pics and video from their fun-filled weekend.

During one of her Instagram stories, viewers noticed that Audrey’s appearance was slightly altered, but couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different.

One LPBW fan created a thread on Reddit titled, “Auj’s Wandering Brow,” and shared a side-by-side pic of Audrey, before and after her social media break.

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Reddit
One Reddit user created a thread with a side-by-side comparison of Audrey’s face before and after her social media hiatus. Pic credit: u/sehaugust/Reddit

In the “after” pic, Audrey’s undereye area seemed less sunken, and her face looked fuller and refreshed, overall. One of her eyebrows was also lifted more than the other in the pic.

LPBW fans commented on Audrey’s altered appearance

Other fans of the show took notice of Audrey’s changed appearance and commented on the thread.

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Reddit
Fans of LPBW commented on the change in Audrey’s appearance. Pic credit: u/sehaugust/Reddit

“Thank you for doing the before/after. She def had work done. Hence, the IG break. Smooth move, “AUJ” ??” wrote one Reddit user of Audrey’s changed appearance after her time away from Instagram.

Another Reddit user agreed and commented, “Right?? She’s looking a little more lifted. She still has the “11’s” between her brows though so [I] think she probably kept it subtle to a brow lift and maybe something with the cheeks?”

Is Audrey’s new look from cosmetic procedures or filters?

One fan of the show admitted to comparing older pics of Audrey and noticing a difference in her face. “I was looking at other “befores” of her online and when she has a full smile in them[.]”

They continued,”[She’s] got [a lot] of [folds everywhere]. I def agree with [Botox] and maybe a lift. Makes her looking older, imo,” the fan commented.

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Reddit
Did Audrey have work done while on a social media break? Pic credit: u/sehaugust/Reddit

Perhaps Audrey did use her time away from social media to have some work done. Perhaps she’s just rejuvenated from her time away, or maybe she used filters and new makeup in her pics. Whether she had work done or not, Audrey’s new look is improved and refreshed.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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