LPBW: Audrey Roloff returns from social media break to wish Jeremy a ‘Happy Father’s Day’

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW
After a social media hiatus, Audrey Roloff returned to celebrate her husband. Pic credit: TLC

Audrey Roloff, former Little People, Big World star, has returned to social media after a hiatus to wish her husband, Jeremy Roloff, a “Happy Father’s Day.”

Last month, Audrey announced that she and Jeremy would be taking a break from social media, calling it “healthy and life-giving.”

Now, a little over a month later, Audrey has returned to Instagram to share a post honoring her husband of nearly seven years.

Set to the song, Things Dads Do by Thomas Rhett, Audrey shared a video montage of Jeremy with their kids, Ember and Bode.

Audrey honored Jeremy with a sweet Father’s Day post

Audrey shared a sweet message with her fans, doting on her husband. It read, “Happy Father’s Day babe. I love how fun, patient, capable, humble, discerning, wise, present, eager to learn, intuitive and intentional you are as a father.”

“We are so blessed by who you are and what you represent in our home. We love you❤️” Audrey wrote.

Audrey also shared some pics and video in her IG stories, paying tribute to her father and showing more love to her husband, Jeremy.

Audrey, Jeremy, and their family enjoyed a boat day for Father’s Day, and Audrey shared some video footage from their weekend together.

In one slide, she shared a video of her father wake surfing along with the caption, “Happy Father’s Day dad! You’ve always encouraged me cheered me on, challenged me, supported me, and of course, you continue to impress me. I love you[.]”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff formerly of LPBW on Instagram

In another slide, Jeremy wake surfed and Audrey added the text, “Happy Father’s Day babe. You are a capable, patient, creative, fun, wise, discerning, humble, and loving dad. I’m so grateful for you.”

Fans have wondered about Audrey and Jeremy’s social media break

Before their social media hiatus, Audrey shared some information with her followers that had them wondering about their motives for stepping away from social media.

Their break coincided with Jeremy’s brother, Zach, and his wife Tori vacationing with their dad, Matt Roloff, and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

There have been rumblings that Jeremy and Zach don’t get along, nor do their wives, and therefore they didn’t vacation together.

The two couples once seemed close, but over the years, their relationships seem to have dwindled, as well as their social media interactions with each other.

Audrey and Jeremy no longer film Little People, Big World after deciding to walk away to focus on their own personal ventures and raising their kids.

The couple shares daughter Ember, 3, and son Bode, 1. Audrey, Jeremy, and their two kids enjoy traveling and often share their adventures with their followers.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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