Love After Lockup: What’s going on between Lacey, Shane, and John?

Shane, Lacey, and John
More drama unfolded between Love After Lockup’s Lacey Whitlow, John Slater, and Shane Whitlow. Pic credit: WeTV

The drama between Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup stars Lacey, her husband Shane, and her ex-fiance John has come to yet another climax as Lacey publically stepped out on Shane with John, and Shane reacted to her diss.

The troubled relationships between the three of them have been ongoing, with Lacey turning to one and then the other in a vicious cycle that has four children caught in the middle of it.

This time, it seems as though Lacey got back with John and posted a picture out with him to spite Shane. Shane then posted a cryptic message that appeared to be his acknowledgment that their marriage is over.

On Love After Lockup, Lacey was with both Shane and John behind both their backs and then she dumped John for Shane in a messy parking lot display. Then, Lacey invited John over to the house she shared with Shane so they could gang up on Shane and kick him out, only for Lacey to dump John again and continue her marriage with Shane.

Lacey and Shane are on this season of Life After Lockup in a troubled marriage, and Lacey has been talking to John behind Shane’s back. So it looks like since filming, Lacey has chosen to get back with John again.

Lacey Whitlow started some scandalous drama with her husband Shane Whitlow

This round of drama started when Lacey posted a since-deleted picture with John, which included a kiss face emoji in the caption.

This move came just one week after she was spotted in Shane’s Instagram comments giving him love and praise.

By posting the picture with John, Lacey essentially let the public and her followers know that Shane was once again kicked to the curb in favor of John.

Shane Whitlow clapped back at Lacey Whitlow in a post of his own

Shane purportedly saw Lacey’s post and entanglement with John and made a post of his own clapping back and maybe getting some resolution to the situation.

Shane posted a selfie with the caption, “If a woman can’t appreciate my honesty, respect , love , hustle, loyalty, and commitment then I don’t want her. ‘As long as my queen is in my corner we can conquer and overcome anything.'” 

Shane’s heartfelt and cryptic post could mean that he is officially done with Lacey and her antics with John.

If history repeats itself, Lacey will inevitably dump John again to get back with Shane as they are married and share an infant daughter. What followers of the situation can count on is that it will be public and messy.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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1 year ago

It’s obvious, Lacey is never going to stop being a cheater!