Love After Lockup feud: Tia calls Lacey ‘weak’ and ‘fake’

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup may be on hiatus, but Tia just called Lacey out for being “weak” and “fake.” The fact that Lacey and Nicolle knew each other from somewhere other than filming the WEtv reality TV shows has been discussed all over social media. They worked as cam girls together, getting


Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey and John talk it out

The season finale of Life After Lockup is this week, and Lacey and John’s conversation is finally happening. Viewers saw as John drove to meet Lacey at the beach. She contacted him, and while he has a girlfriend, he decided to meet up with his ex anyway. John and Lacey are toxic together, but neither


Here are Season 3 of Life After Lockup’s greatest memes

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup has given viewers an intense roller coaster ride full of toxicity, crime, bad decisions, infidelity, strange relationships, and trashy situations they can’t get enough of. There are plenty of memorable moments that viewers love either for how utterly unimaginable they are or how intense and interesting they are. These


Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey and Shane see a marriage counselor

Lacey and Shane are going through a rough spot in their marriage this season on Life After Lockup. Things haven’t been the same for them in the bedroom since they welcomed Summer, and she wanted to know why. After talking to her friends and looking through his phone, Lacey decided Shane should take a polygraph


Love After Lockup: What’s going on between Lacey, Shane, and John?

The drama between Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup stars Lacey, her husband Shane, and her ex-fiance John has come to yet another climax as Lacey publically stepped out on Shane with John, and Shane reacted to her diss. The troubled relationships between the three of them have been ongoing, with Lacey turning to


Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey flips out at the gym

Things between Lacey and Shane on Life After Lockup haven’t been great. His gym attendance has put a damper on their marriage, and she vented about it to her dad. Lacey also talked about it to her friends, who implored her to check his phone. She found texts from someone else about gym stuff, so


Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey confides in her friends about Shane

Lacey and Shane Whitlow are back for another season of Life After Lockup. The couple is navigating the waters as parents of a new baby. It has been a life-changing experience for Shane, who has admitted it was a challenging adjustment. In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Shane and Lacey head to the beach


Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey needs more help from Shane

A brand new season of Life After Lockup begins tomorrow night, and Lacey and Shane are back to share their life with viewers. The coupled welcomed a baby girl, Summer Rayne, and they are adjusting to life with a newborn. Lacey vents about how much time Shane isn’t spending at home in this exclusive Life


Love After Lockup fans reminisce about the most memorable convict releases

There were some chaotic and memorable convict releases on Love After Lockup and fans on Reddit reminisced about some of their favorites. Whether it be the person on the outside juggling a double life upon their partner’s release from prison, on the spot marriages, or teeth getting knocked out, there has been no shortage of


9 most toxic relationships from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup

WE TV’s hit reality shows Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup follow people who have started relationships with incarcerated individuals and produce insane and explosive relationship drama that is too good to miss. Many of the people on the show are train wrecks, and their destructive behavior highly affects everyone around them and makes