Love After Lockup fans reminisce about the most memorable convict releases

Clint, Lacie and Lizzie
Some of the most memorable convict releases on Love After Lockup were chaotic and fans reminisced about some of the most wild ones.

There were some chaotic and memorable convict releases on Love After Lockup and fans on Reddit reminisced about some of their favorites.

Whether it be the person on the outside juggling a double life upon their partner’s release from prison, on the spot marriages, or teeth getting knocked out, there has been no shortage of epic convict releases on Love After Lockup.

It seems like the more chaotic the convicts release from prison was, the more outlandish the ensuing relationship got.

With so much unknown and at stake for both the convict and their partner on the outside, with some of them never having met in person, the potential for drama is high and led to some very memorable releases.

Fans weighed in on some of the most appalling convict releases

A thread on Reddit was made that is titled, “I feel like depending on how chaotic the prison release scene correlates to how toxic the relationship is going to go.” The ensuing discussion highlighted some of the most epic convict releases from the show.

Reddit thread about Love After Lockup
Fans reminisced on the most memorable prison releases. Pic credit: u/@rosewater/Reddit

When Lizzie was released from prison, she ran and leaped into Scott’s arms, which he wasn’t prepared for. They both fell back into the grass and Scott lost his bridge in his mouth that held his teeth.

Clint married Tracie the day she got out of prison after never meeting her in person before, only to have her abandon him later that night to get high. Before all that drama, however, they epically ran into each other’s arms after she walked out of the jail.

Then there was 30-year-old Lacey who went to pick up her 21-year-old convict boyfriend whom she had never met, while juggling a long-term relationship with another convict, John. Upon Shane’s release, while they were driving, Lacey pulled the car over and took a call from John outside the car.

Perhaps the most intense release was when John proposed to his convict girlfriend, Kristianna, as soon as she was released, and they drove to another location down the road from the prison where they actually got married and were meant to consummate the marriage in truck but ran out of time.

There is a new season of Love After Lockup coming

A new season of Love After Lockup is coming this June and if past season drama means anything then this season will surely be crazy.

The premise of the show evokes a dramatic situation right from the get-go, so how the convict and the person on the outside treat the relationship after release determines a lot.

This upcoming season will feature at least four different couples who will attempt to make it as a couple outside of prison walls and all that it comes with.

Love After Lockup premieres in June, 2021 on WEtv.

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