Love After Lockup is returning for a 4th season — and WE TV released the trailer

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Love After Lockup of returning for a 4th season with all new convicts and love interests. Pic credit: WE TV

The hit WE TV show, Love After Lockup, which follows people in love with inmates as they navigate their way through the challenges of their convicts being released from prison, will premiere in June of 2021. The exact release date has not yet been announced.

This will be the 4th season of the dramatic and raw show that highlights the unique, and at times volatile, relationships that people on the outside have with their inmate partners.

Love After Lockup follows couples as they gear up for their partners’ release from prison, their actual release, and how life goes afterward.

The three seasons so far have been full of explosive drama that did not disappoint viewers and offered a unique glimpse into a strange world of different relationships people have with convicts.

The Love After Lockup trailer looks fiery

With talk of breast implants, scams from jail, and a scene with a cop car, the new trailer for Season 4 of Love After Lockup looks like it will have plenty of drama for viewers.

The trailer for Season 4 of Love After Lockup was released on Twitter by WE TV.

The trailer paints Love After Lockup as a viewer’s guilty pleasure. With so many different “OMG” circumstances that the participants of this show find themselves in, it is hard for a viewer not to watch.

The trailer showed three of the couples that will be featured, but there will probably be a few more introduced before the new season starts.

Viewers will be introduced to the complicated and sinister pasts of the convicts and also be positioned to try and understand the motives of the people on the outside seeking love from inmates.

Past seasons had many outrageous moments

From getting married to their inmates the day they get out of prison to drug relapses, cheating, punches being thrown, and lots of tears being shed, Love After Lockup has historically been very entertaining.

Many of the fan favorites from Love After Lockup have gone on to be a part of the spinoff series, Life After Lockup, which chronicles the couples after their initial meeting out of prison.

If past season drama means anything it means that this new season of Love After Lockup will not disappoint viewers who are new to the show, or who have watched every season.

Love After Lockup premieres in June, 2021 on WE TV.

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