Here are Season 3 of Life After Lockup’s greatest memes

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup has given viewers an intense roller coaster ride full of toxicity, crime, bad decisions, infidelity, strange relationships, and trashy situations they can’t get enough of. There are plenty of memorable moments that viewers love either for how utterly unimaginable they are or how intense and interesting they are. These


Love After Lockup: What’s going on between Lacey, Shane, and John?

The drama between Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup stars Lacey, her husband Shane, and her ex-fiance John has come to yet another climax as Lacey publically stepped out on Shane with John, and Shane reacted to her diss. The troubled relationships between the three of them have been ongoing, with Lacey turning to


Life After Lock Up recap: A makeup, a breakup and a bachelor party

Last night’s episode of Love After Lockup had some surprising twists and turns. Michael, Lacey and Tracie all make some very important decisions. Baby mama drama Sarah and Maria are making a big scene at the entrance of the hotel and it looks like Sarah is on the verge of telling Maria that she slept


Love After Lock Up: The wife, the girlfriend & the side chick

Michael must love the drama of women fighting over him because he certainly has his hands full with Sarah, Maria and Megan. This Love After Lockup conman has managed to keep his baby-mama hanging on despite multiple infidelities, getting engaged to another woman while still legally married and never being there for his kids. He’s


Life After Lockup Season 2 details: Who is returning, supertease, and more

Life After Lockup Season 2 will debut in January, and just like the first season, it will deliver plenty of drama. Earlier this month, Monsters & Critics spoke with super-couple Brittany and Marcelino from Love After Lockup and Season 1 of Life After Lockup. They confirmed they would be returning for the second season and


Love After Lockup’s Clint and Tracie air more dirty laundry on social media

Love After Lockup couple Clint and Tracie have been all over the place since they stopped filming Season 1 of Life After Lockup. Their back and forth on social media has become a spectacle. Currently, Clint and Tracie appear to be split again. In screenshots shared by the reputable Instagram account @crazyeyeskm2, the couple can


Life After Lockup Season 2: Which couples will be returning?

Season 2 of Life After Lockup is a go. It will return to WEtv on January 3, 2020. That has been the only information given about the new season so far, which has viewers wondering about who is returning and if new faces will be added. Brittany and Marcelino confirmed they are returning for Season