Love After Lock Up: The wife, the girlfriend & the side chick

Love After Lockup: Maria and Michael
Love After Lockup’s Michael telling lies to Maria after spending time with Sarah. Pic credit: WEtv

Michael must love the drama of women fighting over him because he certainly has his hands full with Sarah, Maria and Megan. This Love After Lockup conman has managed to keep his baby-mama hanging on despite multiple infidelities, getting engaged to another woman while still legally married and never being there for his kids.

He’s got his number two girl Megan who continues to reach out to him via calls and texts even though their whole relationship was built on lies. He took her virginity in the name of love and pretty much cheated on her the whole time.

His new boo Maria thinks she’s his one and only true love and believes their “special” connection will outlast them all.

Meanwhile… he’s got even more women that he’s been talking to.

Are these women stupid, or just insecure with low self-esteem?

Maria came to town with Michael to visit his kids and Sarah was not having it so she stayed in the hotel room practically the whole time while he was off doing whatever.

Baby mama drama

Michael went to Sarah’s house to talk and hang out with the kids and ended up staying the night. He told Maria that Sarah was going out with friends that evening and that he would be alone with the kids.

The next afternoon, Michael returns to the hotel, after not responding to many calls and texts from Maria. She’s pretty pissed. He tells Maria that Sarah was out with friends all night and didn’t come home until the morning. He apologizes to her for not answering her calls and texts.

Well, that was a big fat lie. Michael did spend the night at Sarah’s house, but Sarah was there. They stayed up all night talking and eventually had sex.

As he was his having this conversation with Maria, Megan calls him several times and Maria is getting annoyed. He doesn’t answer the calls and says “dealing with multiple women at the same time is stressful.”

Really? Ya think?

He tells Maria he’s going outside to smoke a cigarette and calls Megan. She’s mad he hasn’t answered her calls. He tells her he wants to go visit her.

Michael says he still has love for her, but that he’s not able to give her what she wants at this stage in his life — marriage, kids etc. Megan is at the studio about to record some music so their call is cut short.

Michael goes back to the hotel room and gets in bed with Maria.

Call security

Later, Maria and Michael are outside the hotel having a smoke and Sarah shows up unannounced. She says she needs to talk to Michael about Aviannah.

Maria is irate that Sarah just popped up on them like that. Sarah starts screaming at Michael about not showing up for his ice cream date with Avianna. Maria starts screaming at Sarah and Michael doesn’t really know what to do.

Love After Lockup: Maria and Michael
Love After Lockup’s Maria screaming at Sarah outside the hotel – Pic credit: WEtv

They are making a big scene at the entrance of the hotel and it looks like Sarah is ready to tell Maria that she slept with Michael the night before.

Sh*ts about to go down…

Will Sarah tell Maria?

I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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