Are Clint and Tracie from Love After Lockup still together?

Clint and Tracie selfie from Instagram.
Clint and Tracie from Love After Lockup may have split. Pic credit: @clintbradyloveafterlockup/Instagram

Love After Lockup couple Tracie and Clint have been up and down since debuting on Season 2 of the WEtv show. From crack binges to meth arrests, drugs have plagued their marriage.

They are currently airing on Season 2 of Life After Lockup, which is taking them back to last fall.

Clint and Tracie are back after her arrest in Texas last August, and according to the latest episode, it had been two weeks since she was released.

Are Clint and Tracie from Love After Lockup still together?

As of now, it looks like Clint and Tracie have split up. This isn’t unusual, though. Clint and Tracie have been up and down for months.

Both have taken to social media to air their grievances, with accusations about cheating and drugs flying all over the place.

Their unpredictability has been a concern for viewers who have watched the two spiral downhill from the moment they debuted on Love After Lockup.

Tracie left Clint the night they married to score crack, disappeared, and ended up back in jail. She was released after a significant amount of time and came back looking like an entirely different person.

Tracie took a social media hiatus when she went to rehab, but she returned earlier this month to air some more dirty laundry. This time. She revealed Clint is hooking up with another woman named Genevieve.

This was confirmed by @crazyeyeskm on Instagram. He reportedly went live with this girl on Facebook. His page used to be public, but he has since locked it down.

@Crazyeyeskm confirmed the new “friend” did appear with Clint on the social media platform and revealed that it was a “complete trainwreck.”

Will Tracie and Clint reconcile?

At this point, it is likely the two will reconcile based on past behaviors. Tracie did go to rehab in December and stayed until the end of January.

There was hope she would get the help needed and not turn back to drugs this time around.

It is unclear how she is doing now that she is out of rehab. Tracie did reveal that Clint was trying to contact her when she returned to social media.

Given that the two have not reunited or shared photos, it looks like a reconciliation has not yet happened.

Clint and Tracie’s story will continue to air on Life After Lockup this season.

It was taped in advance, so much of that has already played out on social media. Clint has admitted he was using but maintains he is clean now and has been for months.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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