Life After Lock Up recap: A wedding, a baby, a breakup and a betrayal

The finale of Life After Lockup did not disappoint. One of the biggest sources of drama this season has been Tony and Angela. With Tony’s constant lies, betrayals and sex addiction, it’s hard to believe they actually made it to the altar… but they did. Their last-minute, thrown together beach wedding turned out beautiful. For


Tamar Braxton’s new show on WEtv: Here’s what we know about Get Ya Life

Tamartians everywhere are celebrating the news that Tamar Braxton’s new show is officially on its way. The singer gave fans an update on her life during an Instagram Live video, where she touched on her family, new music, and yes, her new show which will be called Get Ya Life. The show will showcase different


Life After Lock Up recap: A makeup, a breakup and a bachelor party

Last night’s episode of Love After Lockup had some surprising twists and turns. Michael, Lacey and Tracie all make some very important decisions. Baby mama drama Sarah and Maria are making a big scene at the entrance of the hotel and it looks like Sarah is on the verge of telling Maria that she slept


Love After Lock Up: The wife, the girlfriend & the side chick

Michael must love the drama of women fighting over him because he certainly has his hands full with Sarah, Maria and Megan. This Love After Lockup conman has managed to keep his baby-mama hanging on despite multiple infidelities, getting engaged to another woman while still legally married and never being there for his kids. He’s


Growing Up Hip Hop: Here’s what you need to know about Damon Dash’s kids

If you’ve been watching growing Up Hip Hop, you know that Damon Dash is having some family troubles. The battle is between the hip-hop entrepreneur and his ex-wife, Fashion designer Rachel Roy, and involves custody of his kids. In past episodes, we’ve seen Dash complaining to his son Damon “Boogie” Dash (jr) about the custody

Braxton Family Values Season 7 release date on WEtv: Here is when the show premieres

Braxton Family Values Season 7 is coming and fans are excited. Following months of speculation that WEtv’s Braxton Family Values was ending after the sisters announced in the Season 6 finale that they were quitting due to dissatisfaction with their pay, it was eventually confirmed in January 2019 that the show was returning for yet