Life After Lock Up recap: A makeup, a breakup and a bachelor party

Love After Lockup: Tony's Bachelor Party
Love After Lockup: Tony getting handcuffed by strippers at his bachelor party. Pic credit: WEtv

Last night’s episode of Love After Lockup had some surprising twists and turns. Michael, Lacey and Tracie all make some very important decisions.

Baby mama drama

Sarah and Maria are making a big scene at the entrance of the hotel and it looks like Sarah is on the verge of telling Maria that she slept with Michael the night before.

Maria is losing her mind and won’t stop screaming. Sarah doesn’t engage with Maria but starts yelling at Michael about not showing up for Aviana. Maria tries to get in the middle of it and just keeps running her mouth. Michael tries to calm Maria down but it’s not working.

Sarah says in a confessional, “I’m not sorry that I slept with your (air quotes) boyfriend, because you’ve been sleeping with my (air quotes) husband.”

LOL, “so… who’s cheating on who?”

Sarah tells Michael, “You need to speak to me about the kids plain and simple. make a choice, her or the kids, now. Get in this car to go say goodbye to your kids or go with her. Make a choice right now.”

Things start getting really heated and Sarah is screaming at Michael while he and Maria are trying to go back into the hotel. The hotel manager comes to the door and shouts, “Shut the f**k up. You’re disturbing my guests!”

This sets Michael off and he gets in the hotel managers face, screaming, “No mother-f**ker… I don’t care who you are… is going to tell me to shut the f**k up.”

A security guard gets involved and the police were called. Sarah is freaking out worried that he’s going to get arrested again. A taxi shows up and Michael and Maria jump in. Sarah is hurt and feels like Michael has chosen Maria over his kids.

Wedding planning

Angela and Tony go to the beach to meet up with their wedding planners, talk about the layout, etc. They mention where groomsman will be standing for the ceremony and Angela tells them Tony doesn’t have any groomsman. He corrects her and says, “I have a best man… Andre.”

“Who is Andre?” she asks. He says it’s a good friend he met in prison.

She immediately gets worked up about it and tells him she doesn’t want an ex-con at her wedding. Wait. What? Isn’t Tony an ex-con? She tells him, “Tony it’s not good for you to be around people like that…. I don’t want you going back to jail before the wedding.”

She digs for more info on Andre and what he went to prison for. Tony says drugs. Now Angela is also worried about Tony’s addiction issues. Tony is adamant about having someone at the wedding to support him (because he won’t have any other friends or family there) and he shuts the conversation down.

Angela finally says okay to Andre being his best man but tells him there will be “no socializing” meaning no bachelor party for Tony. Tony tells us in confessional that his first wedding was when he was young was put together quick, and he didn’t have a bachelor party.

“No matter what Angela says, I’m going to have a bachelor party and I’m going to have a fun time with Andre.”

This will not end well.

Tony’s last night of freedom

Tony and Andre roll up to a place called Club ThirtyIV and are ready to turn up. It’s a strip club. As they are grabbing a table, Angela’s friend Tommy shows up. We’re guessing he’s there to keep an eye on Tony.

They start pounding shots and having a good time. Andre walks off like he’s going to “arrange” something. Tommy starts questioning Tony about his motives with Angela and does his best to talk him out of going through with the marriage. Tony’s not biting.

Andre returns and a few minutes later, two girls dressed like police officers show up at their table to “arrest” Tony. They take him away and he gets a private dance.

Tommy sends a video of Tony with the strippers to Angela. She’s pissed. She drives to the club, gives him an earful and orders him to leave with her.

What did she expect? We’re surprised he didn’t end up in a hotel with prostitutes.

Love After Lockup: Tony's Bachelor Party
Love After Lockup: Tony partying it up at his bachelor party. Pic credit: WEtv

The love triangle is broken

Lacey and John are in the car talking about going out to dinner and being lovey-dovey holding hands. John asks why she hasn’t kicked Shane out yet and accuses her of playing both. He starts getting on her case about meeting and marrying an inmate in the first place.

She tells him “he portrayed himself to be somebody different, I don’t know what to tell you.”

He tells her to “do something about it. Get that motherf**ker out the house, man.” She says she will.

Lacey goes home, the kids are with her dad and it’s time to confront Shane. John is waiting outside.

She starts in on Shane calling him “phony” and calling him a cheater. She hands him a plastic bin and starts emptying drawers and tells him to take his stuff and “get the f**k out.”

He says she was fine this morning and then she comes home acting all crazy. He suspects something has been going on with John.

“Where is this coming from all of a sudden.” He asks her. She avoids the question and just keeps telling him to get out.

Love After Lockup: Shane and Lacey
Love After Lockup’s Shane and Lacey fighting. Pic credit: WEtv

“So, this is what you really want… you really want me to leave?” he asks. She answers yes. He’s very upset and tells her “there’s no coming back from this.”

She runs out of the house and he follows. He sees John is there waiting for her. “What the f**k” are the last words we hear.

Love will prevail

After fighting with Marcelino about his lies, Brittany meets up with her ex-girlfriend Amanda to blow off some steam. They drive out to the prison. Brittany tells Amanda that sometimes she’ll go there to remind herself that whatever problems she has “maybe aren’t that bad.”

She tells Amanda the full story about Marcelino disappearing and lying to her about it. She’s upset that he felt like he had to lie at all. She talks about her father having a blackjack/gambling problem and how he had to leave Las Vegas because of it.

She said it was so bad that he would “get paid on Friday and be broke by Sunday… sometimes the rent wouldn’t get paid.” She’s worried now because she wants to provide a good life for her kids and doesn’t want her life to end up that way.

Love After Lockup: Brittany
Love After Lockup’s Brittany thinking about her future with Marcelino. Pic credit: WEtv

She’s emotional and pissed and says, “he thinks just because we’re married and we have kids now that I’ll just sit around and stick around… no, I’ll dip out quick.” It sounds like she’s not going to put up with any BS.

Brittany returns home and Marcelino is outside sitting by the fire. They talk. He explains to her how much pressure he feels and that he’s having a hard time with going from being a single guy who only had to worry about taking care of himself, to be a married man with a family to support. He says like he feels like a failure.

She expresses to him that the only thing she expects from him is to be a good husband and father… and to be honest.

Marcelino apologizes and tells her he loves her.

Rehab or no rehab?

Clint arrives back at the house and the front door is locked. He must go in through the garage. The inside door is also locked. Stressed and frustrated and he doesn’t know what to expect.

He knocks and Tracie lets him in. The first words out of her mouth are “get out, get out, get out.” She looks like she’s whacked out on something. She has a weird, crazy-eyed smile on her face while they’re bickering.

He asks her if she’s going to go to rehab and she avoids the question. Clint tells her “I won’t put up with it anymore.

She says, “Oh well…”

Clint gets upset and calls someone on the phone. Most likely his mom. Tracie starts picking at him saying, “call your mommy, go ahead, call your mommy.” Clint is so pissed he starts punching himself in the face. We’re guessing so he doesn’t hit her. He’s had enough.

Mom answers the phone and we hear her say, “Don’t fight with her anymore. Just shut it down, okay? Just shut it down with her.”

He tells her he just wants to know if she will go to rehab or not. Mom replies, “She doesn’t care… she only cares about the drugs.” Clint tells her he will be staying at her house tonight.

Clint is sad and disappointed and feels like “his love wasn’t enough” to make her stop using. Clint is about to leave, and Tracie says, “Okay, just leave. I’m done with you.”

Clint is heartbroken.

Tracie continues to pack her things up and says, “Where’s my picture of my baby?” She mentions a sonogram photo and asks if Clint threw it away. “You threw away my baby?”

He says, “No, you actually threw away our baby.” We are just finding out that these two got pregnant and apparently Tracie had an abortion.

Next, we see Tracie in confessional talking about it. She says of all the bad things she’s done in her life, that was the worst.

Clint’s low-blow really cut her deep. He felt bad about his comment after he said it. He reminds her that he initially wanted her to keep the baby, it was only after some thought that they decided it wasn’t a good time in their lives to have a child and agreed to get an abortion.

After more crying and talking, Tracie finally says she’s willing to go to rehab. She needs to go and wants to go.

Clint’s face lit up like it was Christmas morning. He was so happy to hear her say those words.

Love After Lockup: Clint and Tracie
Love After Lockup’s Clint and Tracie after Tracie agrees to go to rehab. Pic credit: WEtv

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Will Tracie go to rehab?

Will Angela go through with the wedding?

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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