Chozus and Bianca’s toxic relationship has Marriage Boot Camp viewers begging them to break up

Social media fans call Bianca and Chozus' relationship toxic
Chozus and Bianca’s relationship is being called “toxic” by fans on social media.  Pic credit: Wetv

There’s a lot to unpack from the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp – Hip Hop Edition, one being Chozus and Bianca Bonnie’s toxic relationship.

Bianca, a rapper and cast member from the Love and Hip Hop franchise, has had an on/off relationship with Chozus for several years.

However, during a group session with the other couples and counselor Dr. Ish, it was clear that the young couple had more issues than viewers realize.

The session focused on issues that continue to arise in the couples’ relationships. Bianca and Chozus were instructed to each choose five problems plaguing their relationship.

This led to a few shocking revelations

Chozus noted anxiety as one of the issues that affect him. He blames Bianca for adding to his anxiety.

He revealed he has gotten 400-600 calls from Bianca in a row

Bianca, in her explanation, revealed that Chozus was in school during that time, and she was pregnant with his child — thus the 600 phone calls.

She said that during their relationship, she became pregnant three times.

They terminated the pregnancy on two occasions, and she lost the third child.

24-year-old Chozus, in his response, doubts the authenticity of Bianca’s pregnancies, saying he felt she was sometimes faking because “that’s what girls do.”

Shockingly, the voice of reason during the session was the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, who is also filming the reality show with her boyfriend, Balistic Beats.

As Bianca and Chozus went back and forth, Joseline interjected, telling Bianca that she needs to stop being so toxic and that she needs to love herself more.

Bianca revealed she suffered from a six month battle with depression.

The young couple also has to contend with the opinion of fans on social media, who are calling the relationship toxic and urging them to break up.

One example is this tweet from one user calling them “a young toxic couple.”

Or this one which also calls their relationship toxic.

Another user simply stated that the couple is not going to make it.

Whether Bianca and Chozus break up or stay together, it seems the two will be in each other’s lives, at least for the next 18 years, as they recently revealed that they are expecting a child together.

Earlier this month, they showed up together for the Marriage Boot Camp premiere, and Bianca’s baby bump was on full display.

We will have to stay tuned to this season to see if the couple resolved their issues.

Other members of this season’s cast include singer CeeLo Green, songwriter Michel’le Toussaint, Styles P, and their significant others.

Marriage Boot Camp – Hip Hop Edition airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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