Life After Lock Up recap: A wedding, a baby, a breakup and a betrayal

Life After Lockup: Angela and Tony's Wedding
Life After Lockup’s Angela and Tony finally get married.  Pic credit: WEtv

The finale of Life After Lockup did not disappoint. One of the biggest sources of drama this season has been Tony and Angela. With Tony’s constant lies, betrayals and sex addiction, it’s hard to believe they actually made it to the altar… but they did.

Their last-minute, thrown together beach wedding turned out beautiful. For a moment it looked like Angela’s friend Tommy might speak up when the officiant asked if anyone had any reason the two shouldn’t get married, but he “held his peace” and the wedding went off without a hitch.

Tony smiled ear-to-ear when he saw Angela walking down the aisle. They shared vows they wrote for each other and said: “I do.” Angela finally locked down her man.

Utah or LA?

Angela and Lamar have both been frustrated by living apart and decided to have a family vote to decide where they would live.

The votes are in. There are two votes for LA and two for Utah and they cut to a commercial break to leave us hanging. Will Andrea’s kids stand by her side and choose Utah?

We’ll get back to that later.

Off to rehab

Tracie finally agreed to go to rehab and it’s now time to go. Clint is driving her there. Clint’s mother calls while they’re on their way and she tells Tracie she is proud of her. She is very sweet and encouraging and it touches Tracie’s heart.

Clint and Tracie stop along the way to have a quick chat before arriving at rehab. Tracie expresses to Clint that she’s ready, but she’s scared.

Clint is supportive as always and tries to give her some words of encouragement. He is hopeful that if she can complete the program, they will be able to start fresh and have a great life together.

Tracie enters the rehab facility and it looks like all is well…

Until an update pops up on the screen telling us Tracie left rehab after 24 hours.

Oh no! Will she relapse? Will Clint leave her for good?

More baby mama drama

Michael goes to visit Megan while she’s recording in the studio. She’s not really sure why he’s coming because he’s been ghosting her for over a month. When he arrives, she asks him what he’s doing there and why he’s been blowing her off. He tells her he’s been “hella busy.”

Yeah, he has.

He tells her about his new boo Maria and she is hella pissed. She is over it and tells him, “You did me dirty.” Unlike some of the other women on the show, Megan seems to have a little self-respect and self-esteem and tells Michael she’s done with him.

Good for you, Megan. You deserve better.

Sarah talks to production and rehashes the events at the hotel with Michael and Maria.

This woman might be the dumbest of them all. We get it, Michael is your baby daddy, but girl, come on… he will never change. He wants his cake and wants to eat it, too. He’s only happy if he has a LOT of cake.

Move on already. File for permanent primary custody and make him work and pay if he wants to see his kids. You’ve pretty much been a single mom this whole time. You don’t need him. Move on.

On that note, Sarah’s conversation ends with her bringing up the fact that she slept with Michael again while Maria was in town, and then the camera zooms to a pregnancy test in the garbage can.

Wait, what? Is Sarah pregnant again?

Gender Reveal

Marcelino and Brittany have a gender reveal party and we find out they are having a boy. YAY!

Marcelino is all smiles and you can tell he can’t wait to have his own child.

Even though Brittany still struggles with finding her two children that she gave up for adoption when she was young, the two are happy and ready to start on the next chapter of their marriage.

Congratulations, guys. We hope everything works out for you.

Sim card shocker

Just 48 hours after Angela and Tony’s wedding we see Angela going through Tony’s phone messages. We don’t learn exactly what she found, but we’re guessing he’s been communicating with other women again. She is livid.

She calls Tony and cusses him out. He gets pissed at her when he finds out she’s been snooping through his phone. Angela is done with him and kicks him out. He is now living in a hotel.

It looks like the end for these two, but we all know Angela will forgive tony for anything, so who knows if she will stick to her guns this time. We sure hope so.

Maybe someday she will realize that the man of her dreams has been right beside her all along and finally give Tommy a chance.

Life After Lockup: Angela
Life After Lockup’s Angela after looking through Tony’s phone. Pic credit: WEtv

Rehab or bust

The biggest surprise is when we find out at the end that Tracie returned to rehab. All we know is that she completed a 45-day program and Clint was there to pick her up when she was done.

The chances of these two making it are slim, but this is a great start for a new beginning.

Good luck, you two.

The verdict is in

Andrea reads the final vote for the move and it looks like they’ll be moving to LA. Andrea is not thrilled because she fears all of the crime and other bad influences, but is willing to give it a try for one year. She says she wants to be pregnant for nine of those 12 months and they plan to start working on making a baby right away.

We’re not sure Andrea can handle living in Los Angeles forever, but at least they will all be in one place now.

Last but not least

Shane and John almost have a minor altercation as Lacey is throwing Shane out of her house. She has made her final decision and just wants Shane out. He is pissed, hurt and confused, and doesn’t know what to do.

Where will he go? Hopefully not back to prison.

Life After Lockup: Shane
Life After Lockup’s Shane after Lacey throws him out. Pic credit: WEtv

And so, another season of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup ends.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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