Love After Lockup: Life After Lock Up Season 2, episode 48 recap: Losers and Liars

Life After Lockup: Michael and Sarah
Life After Lockup’s Michael and Sarah argue outside the hotel where Michael is staying with his new girlfriend Maria. Pic credit: WEtv

Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Michael walk all over women on Life After Lockup? This guy is an ex-con with no job, who doesn’t support his kids. Why on earth would any woman want to be with this guy?

Sure, he had plenty of time to perfect his con-game while he was in prison and learn all the right things to say to make the women fall in love with him, but it’s one thing to fall for a guy who’s telling you he’s made mistakes and is now a changed man… and it’s another thing to be on the receiving end of his lies and bullsh*t after he’s out.

At least Megan finally wised up some after she found out Michael was “talking” to other women. But what’s Sarah’s excuse? She’s the worst of them all.

He cheats on her while he’s in prison and now that he’s out, he’s got multiple women cash-apping him money to support his life and travels, yet the guy still can’t show up more than once a month to see his kids or buy a pack of Pampers?

No matter how many chances she gives him or how many times he lets her down, she still wants to be with him. It’s ridiculous. Have some self-respect. Drop this loser.

Sarah convinces Michael to go to a therapy session where he finds out that she filed an emergency order to get temporary full custody of their two daughters. He shocked and doesn’t understand how that could have happened – because he never received any paperwork. Of course, he didn’t receive any paperwork. Does he even have a mailing address?

He walks out and then we see them talking in the parking lot. He asks if he can see the girls that night and spend some time with them. He ends up stopping by Sarah’s house and hangs out with the girls for a few hours.

You can tell Sarah is happy he is there and once the kids go to sleep; she offers him a drink. You know what that means… Michael and Sarah are probably going to hook up again – while his new girlfriend Maria waits patiently at the hotel for him to return.

I hope they use a condom this time… they certainly don’t need to throw another child into the mix.

Clint and Tracie: A Hot Mess

As usual, Clint is stressed out and worried about his “goddess.” All he wants is for Tracie to agree to go to rehab but she’s told him several times that she doesn’t want to go – because she feels like she’s being forced. No sh*t. She needs to be forced. He’s concerned she will do something stupid and end up behind bars again. He’s probably right.

After a few minutes of him pleading with her to do the right thing, Tracie tells him there’s dope at the house that she needs to get. He freaks out. He had no idea there were drugs in the house. He immediately finds it, flushes it down the toilet and calls his mother.

Same ole’ song and dance. Mom tells him she’s no good for him and asks him how much more of this he can take. She reminds him that Tracie has brought nothing but trouble and heartache to his life since she’s gotten out of prison. You can tell by the look on his face that he knows what she’s saying is true – and he’s tired.

Brittany and Marcelino: Doubling Down

With a new baby on the way and now a new puppy, too, Marcelino is starting to feel the stress of needing to be able to provide for his family. He’s been on a losing streak playing poker and hasn’t told Brittany about it.

Instead of going out and looking for a part-time job with a regular paycheck, his solution is to go see a poker coach to see if he can learn to be a better poker player. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Brittany is at home and Marcelino’s cousin James calls. This is not good for Marcelino because he told Brittany that he went out to play cards with cousin James. You’d think if he was going to lie about his whereabouts, that he would’ve covered his tracks a little better. Brittany has now caught him in this lie and is pissed. She has no idea where he could be and is thinking the worst.

Cheryl and Josh: Crash and Burn

After their breakup on last weeks’ episode, Cheryl returned home to Michigan. She tells her dad Josh was a different person once he got out of prison. That he didn’t need her anymore and she ended up falling out of love with him.

Josh in Colorado still living with his mom. He says Chery’s “loyalty” is what he loved about her but that he was “starting to feel like a trapped animal.” He doesn’t really seem too upset by the breakup.

Cheryl acts like she doesn’t care much either and says she’ll just “find another inmate.” I bet she will, too. This chick is bat-sh*t crazy.

Lacey, Shane and John: Three Peas in a Pod

Lacey meets up with her dad and tells him she went to see John. She explained that is was because she recently found out Shane cheated on her with some random at a bar – just before they got married.

Even though Lacey’s dad doesn’t condone cheating, he absolutely hates John and does not want Lacey to get back together with him again.

Later we see her dad talking to Shane. He mentions the cheating and Shane owns up to it. Says it was a stupid mistake. Lacey’s dad warns him that when she gets hurt, she can act impulsively. Basically, warning him that Lacey might act out and contact John again. Shane acts clueless as always.

In the next scene, we see Lacey secretly calling John. The way I see it, she’s no better than Shane.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Andrea and Lamar: The gold Magnums

Andrea finds something in Lamar’s jacket pocket and is livid. She waits for the kids to be out of the house so she can talk to Lamar, but he can tell by her attitude that something is very wrong.

She shows him that she found a long strip of Gold Magnum condoms in his jacket pocket. He immediately says they’re not his; that they must be his brothers because he is always using his jacket. She’s not buying it.

Lamar picks up the phone and calls his brother – on speaker. His brother says he did wear his jacket and that the condoms were his. Andrea is not sure whether to believe him or not. She’s still skeptical that his brother might be covering for him.

After a few minutes, she calls his brother. He tells her the condoms were his and she apologizes to Lamar for acting crazy.

Angela & Tony: Sweetheart vs. sleazebag

Angela comes home from work and Tony says he’s got a surprise for her. He blindfolds her and asks her to put on a dress. He leads her out to the backyard where he has set up a nice romantic dinner, with lights and rose petals, the works. He tells her he just wanted to show her how much he loves her.

Angela is very surprised and happy with him – and he is happy with himself. He knows he has finally done something to get on her good side and says maybe she will trust him more now and be a little easier on his “restrictions.”

Sounds like that was the real reason he did all of this. Not because he truly loves her, but because he wants some freedom back so he can figure out a way to go meet up with his ‘women’ again.

Don’t be a fool, Angela. This guy is a scumbag.

To further fuel the fire of love, Tony tells her he is ready to get married – as soon as possible. She seems happy about this and says its time to start planning their beach wedding.

I really hope she doesn’t marry this guy.


Every couple on this season of Life After Lockup is facing major challenges.

Brittany and Marcelino have the best chance of making it, but the lies and the financial stress could be the end of them.

Tracie will most surely end up back in jail. Hopefully, she doesn’t take Clint with her.

Andrea will probably hold on to Lamar a while longer, but she has already expressed that the long-distance living situation won’t work for her long-term.

Lacey is a complete train wreck who feeds off the drama of the two guys fighting over her. She’s probably hoping to get her own spin-off show.

Angela needs to wake up and see that Tony is nothing but a loser and ditch him for her best friend who’s been pining over her for years.

Can’t wait to see what happens next…

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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